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You know you’re ready to go bigger in your business.

You deeply desire to impact even more people, do the work your soul is here to do, and make a beautiful living while you’re at it. The work you do is deep, transformative, alchemical, and changes lives. You’re ready to fully step into your future as the potent coach, healer, leader that you know in your heart you are.

There's just one tiny problem -

Money loves authenticity. (3).png

You're working your butt off, and you're still not earning what you know you're worth.

You've taken the money mindset courses, you've done the manifesting rituals, and nothing is sticking.

You feel half-in, half-out of your business because you're so afraid you can't actually make it work financially.

Deep down, you're afraid you just don't have what it takesThat your parents, or your ex-boyfriend, or your old boss was right -You'll never make it on your own.

I get it, because I have totally been there.

The good news is that creating a breakthrough is much simpler than you think.

Money loves authenticity. (1).png

And the best way to create the money breakthrough you've been desiring is by BEING YOU - healing the conditioning and patterns that are keeping you from your most potent, magical, authentic self.

It requires turning the dial up on your truth, your wholeness, and your potency.
It's time to take your place among the world-changing women who are here to change the game.

Over the course of five days you'll learn the how to release the five most common money wounds that keep witchy women stuck and broke:

  • Lack of confidence in yourself and your ability to create money

  • Fear-based patterns and behaviors around money

  • Leaky money energy and boundaries

  • Fear of actually charging what you’re worth

  • Fear that what you really want isn’t possible for you

At the end of the challenge you'll walk away with:

A deeper, more embodied connection to yourself and your ability to create wealth

  • Liberated confidence in who you are, what you're here to do, and ability to receive money for it

  • Clarity on what your deepest money blocks are and how to heal them

  • More freedom, power, magic, and joy than you ever imagined possible when it comes to you and money

Sound good?