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Wealthy Witch Academy

Claim your birthright as the powerful woman you are.

Step into the wealthy life + business you desire.

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Hey there, witchy woman,

I know you know that you’re different.

You have such a big vision, and you want to have a meaningful impact in the world.  

You want so much more than the nine to five grind, or working a gig job just to pay the bills.

You started your business because it promised freedom, autonomy, and making money on your own terms.

But you’re realizing, that to actually get out of always-scrambling-for-clients mode and into the thriving, peaceful, abundant lifestyle you desire -

Something is going to have to change.

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You’ve worked on your money story.

You know you have money blocks.

You’ve tried visualizing, meditating, journaling, #allthethings

You’ve had some breakthroughs, so you know all of the “money mindset” and “manifestation” stuff works.

But nothing is sticking. Or at least, not long enough to where you feel like you can breathe.

Witchy women entrepreneurs have unique gifts AND unique wounds when it comes to money. The same old, “visualize and it will appear” advice doesn’t always apply to us. This can be totally frustrating, and have you questioning yourself and your business.

The good news is, it’s not your fault.

Once you heal those wounds and activate those gifts…



Sarah Huls

Creator, Woman on the Rise

Natalie helped me see that money is an energy and also like any other relationship in our lives, I needed a relationship with money…to respect it and love it, then I would receive the same in return from money. And I've manifested over $5,000 since!

To anyone that is thinking about joining Natalie, you will be able to receive so much MAGIC not only from working with her, but by being able to move through any blocks that you may be having. Get ready to receive!!

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How do I know this? Well, it’s come from some very hard-won wisdom...

I’ve always been sensitive. I’ve always been empathic. I’ve always been the one in the corner at parties having deep, in-depth conversations. In 2014 I left a high-pressure management consulting job because I knew I would never thrive in such a competitive, cutthroat environment.

I didn’t want to be part of that culture, and I knew they were never going to value my gifts - empathy, connection, intuition, to name a few - in the way they deserved to be valued.

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I didn’t realize that really, I was the one who didn’t value my gifts in the way they deserved to be valued. I was terrified of putting myself in front of potential clients.

My relationship with money was one of fear, denial, and hiding. Deep down, I had zero faith in my ability to generate the money I needed with my business.

It took $42,000 worth of credit card debt for me to get serious about healing what was going on with me and money.

I realized that the problem wasn’t money.

The problem was ME.

And the beliefs, stories, and behaviors that I was carrying around money.

The story that :

  • money isn’t meant for women like me,

  • it’s not spiritual to have or want money, or

  • life-changing transformative services should be given away for cheap or free.

These are stories created and perpetuated by our society in order to disempower and disenfranchise powerful women.

And in order to have the impact that we’re here to have and heal the world in the way we know we’re meant to, we have to start with ourselves.

I realized that money in the hands of intuitive, empathic, creative women - ESPECIALLY women entrepreneurs - is what changes the paradigm for all of us.

I no longer hesitate  around my money worthiness.

Natalie is such a powerful container setter, and a beautiful space holder for women to look inward and find their unique power. 

I now feel I have one overarching theme and thread to the true work I do, and the confidence to share my message, my offering, my story and journey in a way that is relatable and valuable to others.

- Allie Armitage, Founder, Mind into Matter


Once I started to embody and act on that truth, magical things started happening, including:

  • $10k, $20k, $30k days and massive impact in my business

  • Manifesting a dream home by the ocean in Venice Beach, California

  • Time freedom to work how and when I want, including daily beach walks

  • Juicier, deeper, more fulfilling relationships (because I’m not stressed about money all the time!)

  • Full access to my intuitive power and connection to Source energy

  • More able to ask for what I need, set clear boundaries, and plug power leaks (that lead to money leaks!)

  • Embodiment of my fullest expression and doing the work that is an extension of my soul’s purpose

My clients have had results like -

  • Manifesting thousands of dollars out of nowhere

  • Signing six-figure corporate contracts as an independent consultant

  • Welcoming in the first high-paying clients in their coaching businesses

  • Doubling their monthly income and paying off debt

  • Creating side hustle income as a yoga teacher

  • Finding a new job with a 20% pay increase

Not to mention the emotional, spiritual, and energetic benefits of claiming their worth as the inherently powerful women that they are.

Because yes, it is powerful to be sensitive.

It is powerful to be intuitive.

It’s powerful to be witchy.

And it is powerful to be wealthy.

A woman connected to her natural, creative, generative manifestation ability is an unstoppable force of nature. By reclaiming our birthright of power, magic, and wealth, we not only change the game for ourselves and our clients but for our daughters, communities, and society after us.

If you’re ready to end the struggle for good and create a new paradigm of wealth for yourself and everyone you care about, it’s my honor to invite you to…

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What you’ll learn:

Module One: Desire - Develop a relationship to your desires that empowers you, doesn’t intimidate you. Build a vision for your life and your business that

Module Two: Descent - Deepen into your truth as you heal your money story, ancestral and karmic trauma, and release the limiting stories that are holding you back

Module Three: Transmutation - Learn how to transmute shame + guilt and release your past money mistakes and drama in order to move forward

Module Four: Magic - Activate your inherent magic to call in all that you desire. Learn how to consistently create synchronicities that lead to your desired financial outcome.

Module Five: Sovereignty - Take your power back from other people’ money stories, learn how to get empowered around your money, and take command of your financial destiny.

Module Six: Expansion - Start to show up in the world AS the wealthy woman that you are, bringing your desires from the spiritual plane to the physical plane. Learn how to nourish and care for yourself + your business.

Module Seven: Embodiment - Learn how to work with moon cycles, seasonal cycles, and your own cycles to get in-sync with the energies around you. Create a reciprocal relationship with the Earth for effortless and sustainable creation.

Module Eight: Leadership - Claim your truth as a visionary leader, teacher, and CEO of your business. Magnetize your community, speak your truth, and lead by your divine example.

Module Nine: Legacy - Learn how to create continual upgrades (without self-sabotaging), and have the impact you desire on your family, community, and the world.


What you get:

  • Nine in-depth training modules, delivered online and via PDF that are yours to keep forever

  • Nine live group coaching calls with Natalie for healing, clarity, and accountability

  • Three office-hours style integration calls with Natalie for additional coaching + support

  • Private Facebook group with all participants for cheerleading, questions, and collaboration

  • Access to Rituals for Abundance, Natalie’s signature workbook with daily, weekly, and monthly money rituals to keep you high-vibe and create a positive relationship with money ($97 value)

  • The confidence, clarity, and peace of mind that comes from KNOWING you’re fulfilling your divine purpose on this planet, and can pay your bills doing so


  • Three Breathwork for Money Healing live workshops with Natalie (monthly)

  • $5k Consistent Cashflow Masterclass to turbo-charge your business and welcome in the consistent cash flow you desire

  • Manifest Your Debt-Free Life e-book and recording to heal dysfunctional spending habits and release debt for good

  • A list of all Natalie’s favorite books, podcasts, and blogs for money + manifesting inspiration


  • Unlimited Voxer support from Natalie for the duration of the course

money has started to show up in ways that I could not have even imagined.

Honestly, [before working with Natalie] I didn't know what to expect. I just knew that I was struggling financially, and there never seemed to be enough money no matter how hard or how much I worked.

She helped me get "real" with my money for the first time in a really long time, and I was able to shift my money mindset from one of "There is never enough" to one of "I am so thankful that I have the money to pay for..."

By applying living a life of abundance, rather than scarcity, money has started to show up in ways that I could not have even imagined. An application for a side gig was pushed through after months of waiting. And my business has taken off way faster than I ever thought possible.

- Mandy Gonzales, Manage the Madness with Mandy


Frequently Asked Questions

+ When does the program start and what time are the calls?

Wealthy Witch Academy starts Monday, April 29th

All modules are released on Mondays by 8 am EST. All calls will be on Tuesday from 4:30 - 6 pm PT (7:30-9 pm ET).

The magic happens on the live calls so please do your best to be there. That said, I know life happens and they will be recorded so don't worry if you can't make it or miss a week.

+ I'm just starting out. Shouldn't I focus on business skills?

I thought the exact same thing and I spun my wheels for MONTHS in fear and self-doubt.

Here's the honest truth: knowing the practical skills will do nothing for you if you're holding yourself back around money. The reason I'm so passionate about this course is that we do the inner alchemy around wealth and worthiness that most courses don't.

When you have that dialed in, everything else (creating programs, asking for the sale, signing clients) becomes 1000% easier.

+ I've invested in other money courses but I'm still struggling.

I have SO been there! If your inner chatter is something like, "I can't possible invest in another training," "I should focus on what I have," or "Can I really commit?" I want you to STOP. And BREATHE. Check in with yourself.

Wealthy Witch is an incredibly powerful container and a wonderful gift to yourself and the people you're here to help. I can promise the work we do isn't like anything else you've experienced before.

You know if this is for you. Is it scary? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

+ I'm not a coach or an entrepreneur. Is this for me?

Anyone who feels like they are afraid of money, have money blocks, or wants a deeper, richer, more expansive relationship with money can benefit from this course. If you're feeling stuck, inunspired, and unmotivated in your current business or job, Wealthy Witch Academy can definitely help you!

+ Where do I sign up?!?

I'm so glad you asked. Early bird enrollment opens March 4th. Get on the waitlist below to be the first to know!

Ready to make your magic?


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I believe that if have a desire in your heart, it is 100% possible for you to create it.

The very fact that you’re here means you believe it too.

I can’t wait to partner with you and see the magic that we’ll make together.

Get on the waitlist above and I’ll be in touch!

With big love and big magic,