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Today we are diving into one of the most challenging crucibles for any entrepreneur - money!

For entrepreneurs, especially sensitive, empathic, intuitive entrepreneurs, our relationship with money can either be our biggest challenge or it can be our biggest source of power.

I believe it’s both ;)

By transmuting our money fears, struggles, and challenges into power and confidence, you can create a positive, nourishing, abundant relationship with money that will last you the rest of your life.

As within, so without - our beliefs about money get mirrored back to us in our experience of money. No exceptions.

You can be “broke,” according to the numbers, and feel super happy and grateful and abundant.

You can be totally set according to the numbers, and feel miserable, lonely, and depleted.

Manifesting money doesn’t have to be complex. Manifesting money just means allowing money to come into your space.

Right now I want you to detach from your current money circumstance, whatever reality is mirroring back to you. If it’s not what you would want, recognize that your current physical money reality is a reflection of your past thoughts and beliefs about money. Choose today that you’re going to choose a new money future, and build new thoughts and beliefs that support that future. If you’re thinking to yourself, ok things are pretty good, great! Let’s get them even better.

Time to dive in!

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In any conversation about money

it’s important to remember to stay grounded in the truth of who you are - a divine soul having a human experience. As such, you have the power OVER money, and you get to create your life IN PARTNERSHIP with money.

Money is never the boss of you and you are never at the effect of money.

This is very different from how most of our culture treats money. It is also very different from how most of us learned about money growing up. Most of our society would have you believe that the number in your bank account determines your worth, determines how good of a person you are, determines how successful you are, and all of the above.

This could not be further from the truth.

Stepping into your Divine Self, and living from the Wealth Alchemy paradigms in Module One, allows you to take your power back from money, look at your financial situation with clear eyes, and create space between you and your money patterns.

These are principles to live by, and they help you come back to the truth of who you are, which is infinitely powerful.

Use the following journal prompts to explore your relationship with money

As above, so below. As within, so without

What are you currently seeing in your money reality that you don’t like? Where does this pattern live within yourself

What are you currently seeing that you do like? How can you create more of it?

You are the divine creator of your reality.

Where are you not taking responsibility for your money?

What does being the divine creator of your life mean to you?

We live in an infinitely abundant Universe.

How is abundance mirrored back to you every day?

How can you open to notice more of the abundance that’s already present?

Desire and the possibility of its fulfillment exist simultaneously.

Are you in touch with your desires?

How good are you at asking for what you need / want?

How could you easily take inspired action to fulfill a current desire?

Life happens for you, by you, in service of your growth, healing, and expansion.

How can you take ownership of your money healing?

What needs to happen to facilitate your money expansion?

Every single part of you is worthy of love. Especially parts that feel unlovable:

Where are you holding judgment or shame around yourself in relation to money?

How can you offer more love to yourself around money?

The practice of Alchemy is the practice of embodiment.

What do you, at your highest wealth frequency, look like? Feel like? Walk like, talk like, act like?

What will change in your body when you’ve had the money breakthrough you desire?

Receiving is directly correlated with intimacy.

How intimate do you currently feel with your money?

What’s possible for you when you create more intimacy with your money?

Your expansion is in service of the expansion of the collective.

What inner objections do you have to desiring more money?

How can you contribute to the healing of the collective through money?

Download this as a PDF here.

Your Inherent Worth.png

There is no amount of money in the world that would reflect how worthy you are.

You are inherently worthy. You are worthy just because you are here.

However, we learn to conflate money with worth early on in our lives. We pick up stories like:

My talents aren’t worth a lot of money

I want that expensive thing and I shouldn’t so I’m a bad person

Bad people have money, and I want to be a good person so I won’t have money

Sound familiar ;)

Additionally, a common cliche in entrepreneurial circles is “charge what you’re worth.” This is off-base for many reasons, but the very first one is because you CAN’T actually charge what you’re worth.

You’re priceless. Remember?

Separating your self-worth from your money is crucial in order to claim your sovereignty around money - which is a crucial step to creating more of it!

Complete the self-worth meditation here

And journal on your insights using the sheet here.

So, how do we go about healing whatever self-worth wounds we have around money? It’s not like we’re all walking around saying, oh I really need to work on my self worth - ok you might, because I definitely did - but that aside, it can be challenging to know where to start.

The first place we look at when we want to heal our self-worth around money is at money energy leaks.

What is a money energy leak?

It is any place where you feel out of alignment, out of integrity, or generally fuzzy about your money. It is any place where you have soft money boundaries, like your monthly budget or how much you charge your clients. It is any money situation that you shrug it off and say, it’s no big deal, when really you know it’s a big deal. It’s also any place where you’re sabotaging your money on purpose - even if it’s unconsciously - because you’re afraid.

Plugging energy leaks is one of the most effective tools out there in terms of taking your power back around money.

It’s also one of the fastest techniques I know of to manifest more money.

Think about it - if money can’t trust you to take care of it, it’s probably not going to want to come visit, right?!

That said, once you DO have those energy leaks locked up, the results can be magical.

Money Energy Leaks.png

Download the PDF Exercise here.

Once you’re done with this exercise, take a deep breath. Drink some water. Have some chocolate.

Seeing your energy leaks all in one place can be confronting. You are so brave just for doing the exercise!

The good news is, when we know better, we can do better. From a place of inherent power, truth, abundance, where are you going to plug these energy leaks? What actions do you need to take?

Choose one action to take this week to plug an energy leak. Then next week, do another one.

This is a progress, not perfection, and you’re on your way!

The money action I will take this week is:


Let’s Talk Business_ Creating Value and Impact.png

The reason why the “charge what you’re worth” conversation

is so unproductive is because, while you’re inherently worthy and valuable, that’s not how we create money in our businesses.

A business exists to solve a problem.

Money is created through value exchange in the solution of that problem.

In other words, solving a problem that your client has. The solution you provide is what creates value, which in turn creates money.

“Problem” is defined very broadly here. You can solve a problem of inspiration for your clients, by providing inspirational content, which is very broad. You can also solve a highly specific problem with a highly specific solution.

Solving a high-value problem creates a lot of value, you can charge a lot for it, and you’ll only need a few people.Solving a low-value problem means you’ll be charging less and will need more people to buy your solution.

Neither one is better or worse, but it’s important to be intentional about this as you build.

The other thing to be aware of is that while you can charge whatever you would like in your business, you will make it a lot easier on yourself by looking at what the standards and trends are in your industry, and aligning your business model with them.

For example, health coaches can have a really hard time charging premium rates because most people aren’t used to deeply investing in their health. Our societal trend is that a lot of information is available online, recipes are free, and people think they can handle it themselves. Creating low-investment, highly accessible content for a lot of people is the way to go here.

On the other end of the spectrum, I once worked for a management consulting firm that had fees in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Their solutions were bespoke to each client, they brought a ton of expertise and value, and could only work with a few clients at a time. They had also spent decades building a premium reputation in the industry, so they could justify their fees.

Getting clear on the problem you solve, who you solve it for, and how much your solution is worth to your potential client will make it one thousand times easier to sell it. And it has nothing to do with how inherently worthy you are of money ;)

Creating Value Exercise

With any business in which WE are the primary driver, it’s easiest to start with the problem you started with, that you solved for yourself. We talked about this in the last module, and we’re going to build on it today.

Think back to your Hero’s Journey. What problem were you deeply struggling with?

What characteristics about this struggle made it unique to you?

Who else might have this problem or a similar one (this would be your ideal client)?

How did you solve this problem?

What insights did you have along the way that you don’t see anywhere else?

How much would it have been worth to you to not have to figure it out on your own (hint: a lot)?

How much is it worth to your ideal client to have this problem solved more quickly?

What are the prevailing industry trends and price points in this area?

How much do you want to charge to solve this problem for your ideal client?

How to Receive Your Manifestations.png

Money blocks are something we all have,

that can block the flow of abundance to us. You can be unconsciously blocking money because of things like fear of intimacy, fear that you won’t know what to do with the money once you get it, fear that you don’t deserve it, etc. etc.
Most of us have blocks to receiving because we are attached to things looking, feeling, BEING a certain way in our lives. Our ego desperately wants things to be under control, to have a certain amount of money, to be sure that things will turn out the way we want, etc. So when it’s not that way, we constantly rail against the situation.

Staying in this drama cycle can keep you from taking the action you need to take to create the wealth you desire, namely, connecting with gratitude.

In drama, we are not present. We don’t receive. And in fully receiving - even celebrating - where we are in the current moment, no matter how uncomfortable or unpleasant it may be, we shift it.

Oftentimes people are afraid of celebrating before they get “there” because conventional Law of Attraction thinking states that if we celebrate the negative or uncomfortable situations in our lives, that’s what we’ll get more of.

The next-level version of that is realizing that actually, it’s not in celebrating the situation that creates more of it, it’s the energy with which we relate to money (and life) in general.

When we can feel abundant, joyful, grateful, loved and content no matter what is going on, we start to generate momentum and signal to the Universe that there are things in our lives that cause us to feel abundant, joyful, loved, and content. So it sends more of that.  

Pre-emptive gratitude is one of the most powerful tools I know to start to get used to the idea that we can experience good things, and that they are on their way, even if we can’t see them in reality yet.

What you desire is always available to you, and the Universe wants to send it to you. Your only job is to relax, take the actions you need to take, and get excited to receive it.

Practicing Pre-Emptive Gratitude.png

There are four steps to practicing pre-emptive gratitude.

I recommend doing this practice in your journal every day (it takes about 20 minutes), but even just once is very powerful.

  1. Write a pre-emptive gratitude letter.

    What do you want? What would be miraculous? Write a letter of thanks to the Universe as if it has already occurred. The below is an example, but you can put your own spin on it – the point is to be as grateful as possible for the things that you desire!

    Example: Dear Universe, I am so thankful for the clients that appeared so quickly and easily. Thank you for the fact that they are soul-mate clients, and had no hesitations or objections to working together. I am so grateful that you support my business and that there is more than enough money always.

    Thank you for my beautiful, amazing, loving romantic relationship. I am so grateful for the fact that he is the perfect match for me and we have so much fun together. Thank you for the magical, easy way he appeared in my life and that we are on the same page in regards to what we want.

    I am so grateful for my beautiful home and lovely environment. Thank you for the fact that it is so cozy and reflects my personality perfectly. I love taking care of it, and am so thankful that it is such a high-vibe haven for my life.

    For this and so much more, I am so grateful. So it is. Love,Natalie

  2. Read the letter aloud, with feeling

    This is pretty self-explanatory, but you want to read your letter aloud, generating as much gratitude as you can muster.

  3. Visualize and generate the emotions of already having the thing you desire

    Put your letter aside, and set a timer for three minutes. Visualize what your life will look like when you have received the thing you desire. See yourself working with the clients, waking up in the home, going on the date. Feel the excitement, the joy, the gratitude, the sense of accomplishment. Live into that reality, because it already exists – you are co-creating it in the moment. Once the three minutes is up, release the visual and go about your day.

  4. Stay open to receiving intuitive hunches and nudges from the Universe

    As you live your life, stay open to intuitive “hits” or new ideas. You may get a nudge to make a call or send an email, or put together a new workshop, or sign up for a dating service. These nudges and hints are the Universe trying to guide you towards your desire. Our job is to receive them, and take action, thereby opening us up to receive what we want in the material world.

Check In.png

What are your biggest take-aways from this lesson?

What has changed about how you see money, and how you see yourself with money?

What are you going to start doing differently and by when?