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Wealth Alchemy

A nine-month immersion to step into the high-impact, high-value leader that you are … and get paid accordingly

Watch the video below for an overview of the magic that awaits!

Wealth Alchemy is for you if you want to:


Fully claim and inhabit the depth and breadth of your vision, embodying the energy you know you need to in order to lead the way you’re meant to.

Transmute your challenges, struggles and triumphs into a potent transformational journey for your soul-level clients.

Unapologetically share your truth with your community, knowing full well that what you are called to say is exactly what they need to hear.

Easily enroll your most high-impact, high-level programs ($10k, $20k and up) because you’re so grounded in the value of what you offer that potential clients trust you implicitly.

Fearlessly share your witchy, woo, or spiritual side because you know that actually, that’s where your clients get the best results.

Allow greater and greater volumes of money, joy, and love into your space because you know that you are worthy of it all.

Here are some criteria you MUST meet in order to be a good fit for Wealth Alchemy:

  • You’re a coach/teacher/healer/entrepreneur, and have been actively working on your business for at least a year (even if you’re not charging premium fees - YET)

  • You’re ready to dive deep into your own personal experience, and get real and raw in order to access the potent insights that will get your clients the true transformation

  • You feel relatively comfortable getting visible in person and on social media - you’ve come out of the coach closet, and are ready to exponentially increase your audience

  • You’re familiar with money mindset work, have learned the basics of manifestation, and are ready to turbo-charge the shit out of your magical powers

  • You recognize that the industry is changing, and you want to be a leader at the forefront of this shift. You know that in order to do that, you’re going to have to leave the templates and checklists behind and step into your true soul’s calling.


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Ready? Apply Now


Sarah Huls

Creator, Woman on the Rise

Natalie helped me see that money is an energy and also like any other relationship in our lives, I needed a relationship with money…to respect it and love it, then I would receive the same in return from money. And I've manifested over $5,000 since!

To anyone that is thinking about joining Natalie, you will be able to receive so much MAGIC not only from working with her, but by being able to move through any blocks that you may be having. Get ready to receive!!

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What’s on the Other Side…

Imagine having a bone-deep, embodied sense of your own power - no more self-doubt, second-guessing, or shrinking in fear of being seen as your highest Divine self. You have a crystal-clear knowing of your purpose and lead with love, joy, and integrity.

This version of you is so crystal-clear on your mission and message that it effortlessly captivates your potential clients, and you readily welcome them into a suite of programs and offerings that are an extension of your own transformational journey. Everything you do is infused with one of a kind originality that shines like a lighthouse in the industry.

You know you’ve created an upgraded relationship with money and the material world because you are standing deeply in your own value, command rates that are worthy of the transformation you provide, and synchronicities and magic have become second-nature.

But perhaps most importantly, you feel the expansive sense of freedom, joy, power and possibility thanks to knowing that you are safe to be expressed as exactly who you are and exactly what you are meant to be doing in this lifetime - contributing to the healing of the collective.


Emerge as the high-impact, high-integrity, high-value leader that you are … and get paid accordingly

Wealth Alchemy is a nine-month private immersion experience with daily and weekly support from me.

You will shift your being and your message to align with your true soul gifts, embody your
next-level wealth frequency to easily enroll programs at 5k, 10k and up, and finally,
FINALLY feel like you’re having the impact you’re meant to have in the world.

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A nine-month Immersion into the Art and Science of Wealth Alchemy™

Monthly program curriculum, delivered in videos, PDF lessons, and live calls when appropriate

16 60-minute coaching sessions to be used over nine months (average 2 sessions / month)

Two-day in-person Wealth Alchemy™ VIP Day with Natalie in Malibu, California (to be completed within the first three months)

One welcome box with metaphysical gifts and tools intuitively chosen by Natalie to activate your unique Wealth Frequency

Natalie’s personal cell phone number and Voxer for in-between session support as needed

It’s time to make

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  • The Art and Science of Wealth Alchemy™ - Heal your deepest money wounds and exponentially raise your wealth frequency to call in the impact and income you desire

  • Your Natural Magic™ - Create $5k, $10k, and $20k offerings around the gift that is unique to YOU and only you can offer your ideal clients

  • The Energetics of Leadership - Position yourself as the leader you are in an overcrowded industry and offer work that no one else is offering

  • Intimacy Messaging - Write story-based content for social media, sales pages, and your website that effortlessly engage your people and have them begging to work with you

  • Magical Sales Conversations - Deeply connect with your potential client in order to create a high-integrity sales container + get the magic word: “yes!”

  • Alchemical Space Holding - Create a powerful energetic container in order to blow your client’s minds and get them life-changing results

  • The Law of Incremental Increase - How to continue upgrading your income and impact for the rest of your life.


Revealed in the video above


After watching the video and reviewing this page in detail, you can apply and schedule your
Wealth Alchemy Activation Call at the link below.

You’ll answer some detailed questions about why you feel called to this experience, why you’re ready to step into this container, and a few others specifically tailored to give me a sense of whether you can have success in this program.

We’ll then have a brief conversation (no more than 30 minutes), for me to get to know you and to answer any questions you have left, if any. If we’re both a yes, I will confirm your acceptance and to process your enrollment.

By requesting this information, you’ve taken an important step to claiming this life changing outcome for yourself – woo hoo! There is nothing quite like bringing forward your most authentic, most potent magic, and getting paid well to do so.

I am so excited to make magic with you.