You have an important message to share, a massive impact to make, and powerful gifts to bring to the world.

You want a thriving business, a consistent flow of clients, and the time and financial freedom that go with it.

You can feel - you KNOW - that anything less does a massive disservice to you and the people that you’re here to help.

And yet …


You're doing all the things "they" say you should be doing, but still spinning your wheels, and definitely not gaining any leverage or momentum.

You're wondering if you should you should go back to that sad gray cubicle, or get a job working at Starbucks (even though both options make you feel nauseous).

Sometimes you even wonder if you’re crazy, thinking you can actually make a living with your soul’s purpose.

You’re not crazy.

You are magical.

It’s time to let the magic out.

Let me guess, you've probably thought something like:

  • I'm scared to post about my business on Facebook because my grandma doesn't know I'm spiritual and I don't want her to see it
  • I'm afraid of coming across as salesy or pushy so I don't want to share the magical opportunities to work with me
  • My work is pretty "out there," I'm afraid people won't understand it, let alone pay me for it
  • My niche isn't about business or marketing or money so I can't create the wealth I want to with an online business
  • I don't even really care about the money anyway, I just want to help people

Here's the truth:

In order to manifest the freedom, ease, and impact
that you know is possible,

you have to GET HONEST ABOUT THE TRUTH OF WHO you ARE, WHAT you're here to do, and learn how to receive money for it.

I know this because I've worked with hundreds of intuitive, empathic, witchy women and I've learned that we all have some very unique - but very universal - beliefs that hold us back when it comes to making money with our spiritual work.

I've also done this work for myself.

In 2015, about a year into the hustle of "trying" to get my online coaching business off the ground, I realized there were some major fears and energetic patterns that were holding me back.

I had been so afraid of getting visible and getting paid for my gifts that I had made next to zero income all year. The result was a gaping financial hole. A $42,000 hole to be exact.

I knew that I was never going to be able to fulfill what I knew was my soul's mission if I didn't get serious about healing my relationship to myself, to my magic, and to money.

So I did.

Within a month of this realization, I had signed 5k in new client contracts.

And this is what I now know to be true:

The money comes once you feel confident expressing the truth of who you are and what you're here to do. 

Natalie 2018-0013.jpg

Everything you desire is possible for your life. But you can't get there if you're stuck hiding in fear and scarcity.

This half-day intensive is specifically designed to laser-focus in on the major limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, broke, and spinning your wheels, so you can manifest the magical life you desire. 

This is for you if you:

  • Know that you have a soul-driven message that the world needs, and are ready to gain crystal clarity around it so you feel confident sharing it with the world.
  • Want to grow a thriving coaching, healing, or spiritual practice that more than pays your bills while affording you the lifestyle freedom you crave.
  • Feel that you are made for bigger things than the way your life looks right now, and are ready to release the blocks that are keeping you stuck.

Here are a few things we can work on in your intensive, based on your personal needs:

  • Heal the unconscious limiting and negative beliefs you have about yourself, your gifts, and your money and transform them into empowering allies on your soul's path
  • Claim your worthiness, know your value, and give yourself permission to go after your desires in the big way you know you're meant to
  • Discover how your money blocks are showing up in other areas of your life and business, and release them so you can experience rapid, radical shifts
  • Let go of old, limiting money habits and build new ones so that you always feel awesome checking your bank account
  • Set up sexy systems and structures that feel spacious and aligned, not constricting, so they lead to your your inevitable success

Are you ready to turn your business into the
magic wand it really is?

The intensive includes:

One 30-minute pre-session call to get clear on your goals and what you want out of the intensive

A comprehensive Jumpstart packet that will help you take your desires out of your heart and onto paper
FB Messenger or Voxer support throughout the process (from pre to post-session)!

The Intensive: a two-hour transformational coaching experience that will transform the way you view
yourself, your money, and your business forever

One 30 minute post-session call for questions, trouble-shooting, and celebrations

BONUS: Free ticket to Wealthy Witch Live, July 14-15, 2018 (a $297 value)

The investment:



Pay in Full: $888


Three Payments: $333

Want to talk it out first?

Book your complimentary Activation Call here


If you decide after completing your Wealth Activation Intensive that you want to do
the Natural Magic program, the investment for the intensive will be credited towards your first month!

Your fear is lying to you.

Your magical life is waiting

Ready? Let's do this