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The Immersion


Activate the message you’re meant to share.

Reveal yourself as the powerful leader you’re here to be.


You can feel it brewing inside you.


The grounded, powerful, CONFIDENT version of you.

The version of you who knows exactly who she is and what she’s here to do.

The version of you who has her message totally dialed in and is unapologetic about sharing it. 

The version of you who effortlessly connects with ideal clients and easily converts them into sales.

The version of you who SHARES her truth, claims her power, and PUTS HERSELF OUT THERE.


And you know that stepping into her is the key to all of the abundance, freedom, impact, and peace of mind that you’re so desperately craving.

Sometimes you can "act as if" for a day, or even a week.

But, eventually, she keeps slipping away.

And you're back in scramble mode.

Scrambling for time. Scrambling for clients. Scrambling for money.

Even when you do get a break to catch your breath, the panic and fear threatens to sweep you away.

You tell yourself, if you can just sign a few more clients, you'll be ok.

If you can just nail the language on your next sales page, you'll be ok.

If you just find the perfect seven step morning routine, you'll be ok. 


It’s about revealing yourself for the truth of






And emerging as the soul-aligned leader, healer, and change maker you're here to be.

I no longer hesitate  around my money worthiness.

Natalie is such a powerful container setter, and a beautiful space holder for women to look inward and find their unique power. 

I now feel I have one overarching theme and thread to the true work I do, and the confidence to share my message, my offering, my story and journey in a way that is relatable and valuable to others.

- Allie Armitage, Founder, Mind into Matter


I know this because I've worked with hundreds of intuitive, empathic, witchy entrepreneurs and I've seen a couple of key themes over and over - 

  1. We're terrified to get visible. To be seen as different, out there, or weird. We're so afraid of judgment, rejection, or ridicule that we never put our work out there, and then wonder where the clients are?!

  2. We're people pleasers. We want people to like us, to resonate with us, and to connect with us. But taken too far that leads to dumbing down your message and never saying the thing that you really want - and need - to say.

  3. We're way, WAY more terrified of success than we are of failure. Failure is comfortable. Failure is non-threatening. Failure means you get to stay in your box. Success means there never was a box in the first place.

And, here's the truth:

If you want more freedom, more impact, more abundance, more visibility, more FUN in your life - it's meant for you. 

Revealing yourself as the powerful woman you're here to be is how you get there. 


Sarah Huls

Creator, Woman on the Rise

Natalie helped me see that money is an energy and also like any other relationship in our lives, I needed a relationship with money…to respect it and love it, then I would receive the same in return from money. And I've manifested over $5,000 since!

To anyone that is thinking about joining Natalie, you will be able to receive so much MAGIC not only from working with her, but by being able to move through any blocks that you may be having. Get ready to receive!!

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REVEAL includes:

  • Four weekly lessons designed to help you clarify your message, connect with ideal clients, and move through fears of putting yourself out there

  • Four weekly coaching calls with Natalie for transformational coaching, strategy, and support

  • A private Facebook group for practicing putting yourself out there + sharing your message

  • The confidence, clarity, and peace of mind that comes from KNOWING you're fulfilling your divine purpose.

  • BONUS: Rituals for Abundance, digital course with daily, weekly, and monthly rituals to unlock your inherent magnetism and access the abundance all around you

The Investment


Pay in full


2 bi-weekly payments

I started to see the ways I was holding myself back. 

I've become more confident, more calm, and found more joy in every day life. My business is growing, I'm stronger in my relationships, I'm fiercer in stepping into my own power and honestly, I'm having more fun. 

There are a lot of faux coaches out there but Natalie is the real deal. She helps you tap into your strength, your soul, your energy, and your magic. 

- Maura Hughes, Marketing Consultant