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 Hi there beautiful,

You know you want more ease and joy around money.

You’re done with the stress and anxiety that’s giving you gray hairs and keeping you up at night.

But waiting for a windfall or planning to win the lottery is not the secret to money liberation.

True abundance comes from your relationship to money and the flow of life that’s all around you.

After years of being terrified to check my bank balance, in total denial about the debt I was in (over $40k by the end of it), and constantly stressed about money no matter how much I had in the bank, I decided that I was done. That I was going to heal whatever patterns were holding me back and keeping me so disempowered around money, for good. I could feel that my issues with money went deeper than just trying to budget more strictly or working myself to the bone.

I realized I was going to have to recreate my relationship with money from the ground up.

I created a series of monthly, weekly, and daily money rituals to help keep me connected to my money and develop a more loving, vibrant, joyful relationship with it.

Even though it felt so painful and unfamiliar at first, gradually it got easier.

And the easier it got, the better I felt about money in general.

And the better I felt about money in general, the more started to flow to me - often in totally unexpected ways!

The thing that consistently amazes me about this work is that when you start to do it, magic can’t help but happen.

Even if you’ve been taking a ton of action and not seeing results.

Even if your money situation feels impossible.

Even if you’re totally at your wit’s end and don’t know what to do next.

Decide today that you’re going to start doing things differently.

And ritual is the place that you’re going to start.


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Rituals for Abundance is jam-packed with the exact monthly, weekly, and daily rituals that I have used for years to cultivate a healthy, vibrant, abundant relationship with money.

When we feel positive about money, money feels positive about us. Money wants to support you, it wants your business to grow, it wants you to be able to support causes you care about and do the things that you want to do. Wealthy, witchy women are going to heal the world - but first we have to get the wealth part dialed in ;)

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Rituals for Abundance is a PDF workbook containing:

A monthly ritual to set money goals and become an unstoppable manifesting machine

A weekly ritual to love up your money and cultivate a more joyful, playful relationship with it

A morning ritual to start your day off high-vibe and cultivate your money magnetism

An evening ritual to acknowledge and appreciate all the abundance that’s in your life, right now

You also receive:

A grounding meditation to connect to the inherent abundance of Mother Earth


You will get immediate access to everything as soon as you purchase, so you can get started right away!