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Activate the message you’re meant to share.

Reveal yourself as the powerful leader you’re here to be.


“I know what I want to say … but I’m afraid to put

myself out there.”

Over the years, I’ve heard hundreds of women say this exact thing same thing over and over.

If this is you, you know …. you have a message you want to be sharing, work you want to be doing, vulnerable stories
that you know people need to hear from you and yet …

You’re scared.

Here’s the thing.

Your people need YOU.

Not the dimmed-down, people-pleasing version of you.

Not the cookie-cutter Internet coach version of you.

Not the version of you who’s terrified of rejection or judgment.

They need you.

To share the powerful message that you KNOW is within you.

To do something with those ideas that you feel so inspired by.

To do the work you want to do, write the posts you want to write, create the videos you want to create, and change the lives you want to change.

You desire a life of impact, and freedom, and sovereignty. Where you can show up fully, share freely, and attract soulmate clients just by sharing your truth.

How do you get there?

by revealing that truth to the world.



A four-week live group coaching program where we will bust through your fears of putting yourself out there, clarify the message that only you can share, and create massive momentum online.


Natalie is a kickass goddess of message mastery.

She got me out of my fear around writing and committed to completing a 20 day challenge to write my truth and share it online. I’d been struggling for months to get visible online, and Natalie gave me the (super loving) kick in the butt to actually DO it. She’s freaking incredible!!!

- Caitlin Ryan, Word Angel + Founder of Cait Ryan Coaching


If you’re a spiritual, empathic, intuitive entrepreneur you have a very unique soul purpose and message to share on this planet. The same-old, same-old messaging advice isn’t going to cut it for you. Content calendars are one thing, but baring the truth of your soul on the Internet?

Completely another.

I know this because after coaching hundreds of women I've seen a couple of key themes over and over - 

  1. We're terrified to get visible. To be seen as different, out there, or weird. We're so afraid of judgment, rejection, or what our Mom will think that we never put our work out there, and then wonder where the clients are?!

  2. We're people pleasers. We want people to like us, to resonate with us, and to connect with us. But taken too far that leads to dumbing down your message and never saying the thing that you really want - and need - to say.

  3. We're way, WAY more terrified of success than we are of failure. Failure is comfortable. Failure is non-threatening. Failure means you get to stay in your box. Failure means that you don’t rock the boat.

If you want more freedom, more impact, more abundance, more visibility, more FUN in your life - it's meant for you. 

Revealing yourself and the message that you’re here to share is how you get there. 


Sarah Huls

Creator, Woman on the Rise

Natalie helped me see that money is an energy and also like any other relationship in our lives, I needed a relationship with money…to respect it and love it, then I would receive the same in return from money. And I've manifested over $5,000 since!

To anyone that is thinking about joining Natalie, you will be able to receive so much MAGIC not only from working with her, but by being able to move through any blocks that you may be having. Get ready to receive!!

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How do I know this?

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For the first couple years - that’s right, years - of my coaching business, I was so worried about what people would think of me and my coaching business that I never, ever shared it.

I was six months into coach training before anyone besides my best friend and my parents knew what I was doing!

I was so afraid of rejection and judgment that I let it hold me back from reaching and working with the women who needed to hear from me, and I ended up stressed out, anxious, and broke.

What I didn’t realize was that actually, by continuing to hide out I was creating the rejection that I was so afraid of in the first place!

It wasn’t until I realized that sharing my truth was not only safe but attracted the ideal clients, community, and opportunities my way that my audience started to grow and my business took off.

In REVEAL, I’m going to walk you through the exact mindset work, energetic shifts, and practical strategy that I implemented in order to finally find confidence sharing my message, putting myself out there, and making sales online.

This is deep, life-changing work.

There are no holds barred, and nothing is off limits.

Because anything less devalues the gift you’re here to give.

No more spinning your wheels, hustling and overthinking.

Say hello to clarity, authentic expression & truly unique leadership so that you can reach the people you’re here to serve and build a life that feels like magic.

 What You’ll Learn:

Week One (June 3rd): Revealing Your Most Authentic Self

In this lesson, you’ll get clear on who you are without the fear and doubt that’s holding you back - your most authentic, truest self. You’ll renegotiate the relationships that are keeping you stuck - Mom drama, anyone? And you’ll learn how to embody your most confident, powerful self and show up in the world as her.

Week Two (June 10th): Sharing Your Natural Magic

In this lesson, you’ll identify the message and magic that you - and only you - came here to share. The goal is that it feels like a totally unique reflection of you, not like a cookie-cutter template version of what you think you need to do. You’ll also discover how to connect vulnerably and authentically with your ideal clients while still showing up as a leader.

Week Three (June 17th): Writing for Connection + Intimacy

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to get super specific and speak directly to your community in your social media posts, livestreams, website, and sales pages. You’ll overcome fears of triggering people, being misunderstood, or seeming too “woo” or out there, and you’ll powerfully share your message in a way that has the right people saying “yes!”

Week Four (June 24th): Building + Leading Your Community

In this lesson, we’re getting down to the nitty gritty. You’ll find the best mix of social media, email, and other channels that work for you to grow your community and nurture potential clients. You’ll create a simple, repeatable sales strategy that feels easeful and natural, not gross. And you’ll build a sustainable plan for continued growth after the course.

What you get:

  • Four weekly in-depth video and written exercises specifically designed to activate, clarify, and inspire you.

  • Four weekly coaching calls with Natalie for transformational coaching, strategy, and support

  • A private Facebook group for practicing putting yourself out there + sharing your message

  • The confidence, clarity, and peace of mind that comes from KNOWING you're fulfilling your divine purpose.

  • BONUS: Rituals for Abundance, digital course with daily, weekly, and monthly rituals to unlock your inherent magnetism and access the abundance all around you ($97 value)

The Investment


Pay in full


2 bi-weekly payments

I started to see the ways I was holding myself back. 

I've become more confident, more calm, and found more joy in every day life. My business is growing, I'm stronger in my relationships, I'm fiercer in stepping into my own power and honestly, I'm having more fun. 

There are a lot of faux coaches out there but Natalie is the real deal. She helps you tap into your strength, your soul, your energy, and your magic. 

- Maura Hughes, Marketing Consultant


Ready to dive in?