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Natural Magic

A nine-month soul journey for next-level leaders

Access the heart of your natural magic. Manifest the impactful, wealthy business you desire.

It’s time.


To do something with those ideas that you feel so inspired by.

To share the powerful message that you KNOW is within you.

To do the work you want to do, write the posts you want to write, create the videos you want to create, and change the lives you want to change.

You desire a life of impact, and freedom, and sovereignty. Where your time and your money is your own, and you can use it to create whatever magic you want to in the world.

And if you’re reading this…

it’s time for the next level.

If you’re like most of the women I work with, that knowledge brings up a mixture of excited tingly butterflies and a sinking knot in your stomach.

Because you know it’s the truth.

It’s time for you to:

  • Cross the threshold into the work you know in your heart you want to be doing
  • Get visible - I mean really visible - in service of the people who need to hear from you
  • Heal your money story and create a lifestyle aligned with your values
  • Bring forth your own brand of magic into your work and the world

What’s on the other side of this threshold?


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The version of you who KNOWS that you’re living your purpose here on this planet. She embraces life because she knows that life is ready to embrace her back.

She knows her message backwards and forwards, her clients get life-changing results, and she feels confident, clear, and ready to grow her reach even further.

She knows that there is always more than enough money coming in, and there is more where that came from.

She gets to use her time and resources in ways that align with her values, continuing to serve and heal the world.

She spend plenty of time with her family, or traveling, or simply sitting at the beach because she wants to.

She is calling you.
She IS you.
You’re ready.


Natalie is a kickass goddess of message mastery.

She got me out of my fear around writing and committed to completing a 20 day challenge to write my truth and share it online. I’d been struggling for months to get visible online, and Natalie gave me the (super loving) kick in the butt to actually DO it. She’s freaking incredible!!!

- Caitlin Ryan, Word Angel + Founder of Cait Ryan Coaching


SO Let’s talk about why you feel so stuck.

You’re nervous that if you REALLY put yourself out there no one would listen or worse, think you were weird or self-serving.

You’re comparing yourself to peers on social media and thinking, I’ll never do it as well as them.

You worry that if you achieve the success you want you'll feel overwhelmed, you’ll have to be working all the time, or you’ll forget where you came from.

You’re terrified of alienating your friends and family - they already don’t understand what you do, what happens when you get even more visible?!

Maybe worst of all, you’re secretly afraid that what you want isn’t possible for you.

Even though you’re a high achiever, and have always accomplished what you set your mind to, this feels like a whole other realm - one that’s potentially beyond your reach.

You know that to get there you’re going to have to do things differently. And you know you’re on the verge of a breakthrough. But your old ways, habits, and thoughts are so deeply ingrained it sometimes feels like you’re walking through quicksand.

How do you create a breakthrough?

  • It’s not about "five steps to 500k"
  • It’s not about tweaking your marketing, writing the perfect Facebook post, or redoing your website copy.
  • It’s DEFINITELY not about doing what everyone else is doing.
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It’s not even about the amount of hours you are putting in, slaving away in front of your laptop.

Deep down you know that.  Because you’ve tried all those things already.

It IS about clearing out the self-sabotaging mind chatter that keeps you running in circles.

It IS about connecting to your heart, and the powerful truth of what you’re here to do.

It IS about gaining the clarity and confidence you need to make money with your message.

It’s about sharing your

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Natalie is one of the wisest women I’ve ever met.

When I’m feeling emotional, overwhelmed, and scattered I call her to get back in touch with my inner knowing.  She has taught me that my feelings are actually wise nudges from my inner wisdom helping me stay on track.  If you are in need of a soul mentor with uncanny intuition to awaken the magic within you, don’t waste another second.  Hire Natalie—it’s worth every penny!

- Rebecca Ives Rubin, Founder + CEO, the Pursuit of Fabulous


How do I know this?

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Over the past four years, I have worked with hundreds of high achieving spiritual, creative, and highly sensitive women to overcome the fear and self-doubt that holds them back from truly shining their light in the world.

Together we co-create a journey that alchemizes your blocks, activates your message, and elevates you to the leadership that you know you’re meant for.

Our work is specifically designed to clear out old energetic patterns that are keeping you stuck and small, and shift you into the joy, fun, and limitless potential that you’re here for.

This is deep, life-changing work.

There are no holds barred, and nothing is off limits.

Because anything less devalues the gift you’re here to give.

No more spinning your wheels, hustling and overthinking.

Say hello to clarity, authentic expression & truly unique leadership so that you can reach the people you’re here to serve and build a life that feels like magic.

I started to see the ways I was holding myself back. 

I've become more confident, more calm, and found more joy in every day life. My business is growing, I'm stronger in my relationships, I'm fiercer in stepping into my own power and honestly, I'm having more fun. 

There are a lot of faux coaches out there but Natalie is the real deal. She helps you tap into your strength, your soul, your energy, and your magic. 

- Maura Hughes, Marketing Consultant


The Container

  • Two 60-minute coaching calls a month for nine months (18 sessions in all)
  • One two-hour Wealth Activation Intensive to get crystal clear on your needs and desires
  • One welcome box with metaphysical gifts and support tools, intuitively chosen for you by Natalie
  • My personal cell phone number for text message support as needed


  • Access to my signature group course, Wealthy Witch Academy
  • A VIP Ticket to my live event, Wealthy Witch Live (July 2018)

Want in?

This is for you if:

  • You've been spinning your wheels in your business for months (or even years!), unclear on your niche or how you serve
  • You want to share your writing, healing, or coaching services in a way that feels authentic and grounded, not desperate or salesy
  • You know you have money blocks, but aren't sure what the first step is or how to heal them
  • You're ready to uplevel or shift your message, but are terrified of alienating your audience or being seen as too "out there"
  • You want to create a business that captures the essence of who you are and what you're here to do, not another cookie-cutter model
  • You are committed to showing up for yourself, for your people, and for your soul's purpose 100%
  • You are ready to clear everything that's in the way of you and your most magical life, and are willing to go deep and go fast in order to get there

If it's calling you...

This is a journey that requires deep commitment  to yourself, your soul's growth, and
the divine mission you have here on the planet.

You've probably been resisting it for some time.

But if it's calling you, you know.

It's time to say yes to yourself, take the leap, and watch the magic happen. 

The Investment


Pay in full


9 monthly payments

Wondering if it's a fit?


I no longer hesitate  around my money worthiness.

Natalie is such a powerful container setter, and a beautiful space holder for women to look inward and find their unique power. 

I now feel I have one overarching theme and thread to the true work I do, and the confidence to share my message, my offering, my story and journey in a way that is relatable and valuable to others.

- Allie Armitage, Founder, Mind into Matter


Let's make some magic