Hey there witchy woman,

If you’re anything like me, you started your business with a dream.

You have a vision and mission in your heart that feels divinely inspired.

You KNOW you’re meant for bigger things.

You’re going to help a ton of people, travel the world, and yes, make money doing so.

There’s only one tiny problem:

You’re actually terrified of money.

You’re terrified of talking about it.

You’re terrified of charging potential clients for it.

You’re terrified of what might happen when someone actually DOES pay you - what if they don’t get the results they want?!

So, even though you’re hustling your butt off and doing all the “right” things when it comes to building your business -

You aren’t seeing the financial return you desire.

You are barely making ends meet, or are generating debt, or are constantly overdrafting your account.

And while you maybe didn’t get into this business to become filthy rich - you do need to be able to buy groceries, and maybe a latte every once in awhile.

Ready to heal your money story once and for all?

We start January 21st, 2019


Sarah Huls

Creator, Woman on the Rise

Natalie helped me see that money is an energy and also like any other relationship in our lives, I needed a relationship with money…to respect it and love it, then I would receive the same in return from money. And I've manifested over $5,000 since!

To anyone that is thinking about joining Natalie, you will be able to receive so much MAGIC not only from working with her, but by being able to move through any blocks that you may be having. Get ready to receive!!

Sarah Huls.jpg

We can change our MONEY story.

I know now I can achieve anything I set my mind on. I can use my wealth and spread it to others. Natalie is the most inviting person you could jump on a call with and hope to work with. She is so friendly, energetic, sweet mannered and brings her sense of humor to each call that puts you at ease but where she is also to offer thought provoking questions getting you to dive deeper and deeper into your own psyche.
I love working with Natalie!

- Emma Love, Founder, Mind Medicine


I know all of this about you, because I’ve been there, too

I started my coaching business in 2014 with big shiny dreams of epic online success. And I ran smack into my money fears.

I was terrified of looking at my bank balance, and I wasn’t bringing in nearly enough to cover my expenses. So even though I knew better, I would close my eyes, hand over my credit card, and hope it all magically resolved itself.

By the end of 2015, I had maxed out seven cards and generated over $40k in credit card debt.

I was devastated.

I knew that it wasn’t a knowledge problem. 

The problem was my fear of money.

I knew that in order to heal this issue once and for all, I would have to heal the fear-based limiting stories I had that were keeping me stuck and broke, and write a new one based on sovereignty, joy, and abundance.

Natalie 2018-0009.jpg

So I did.

And I want to help you do the same.

Allie Armitage

Founder, Mind Into Matter

Natalie helped me step into a deeper dance with money and release another layer of hesitation around money worthiness.

She is such a powerful container setter, and a beautiful space holder for women to look inward and find their beautiful, graceful power. 

I now feel I have one overarching theme and thread to the true work I do, and the confidence to share my message, my offering, my story and journey in a way that is relatable and valuable to others.



Module One

Visioning ::  Clarify your vision for your next-level life and business, and claim your desire as the expression of your highest self. Build an awareness of what’s possible when you write your own money story.

Module Two

Healing :: Forgive your past mistakes, missteps, and mess-ups around money in order to heal it and move forward. Clear your inherited fear-based stories and make space for what’s next.

Module Three

Intimacy :: Create a relationship with money that feels mutually nourishing, peaceful, and expansive. Claim the sovereignty and self-worth you need to create your own wealth.

Module Four

Manifestation :: Tap into your inner wealthy witch and take action from her perspective. Create miraculous synchronicity and massive expansion based on truth, joy, and abundance.


Sisterhood :: Two months of access to Inner Glow Circle, a powerhouse membership group for magical, entrepreneurial women. Gain access to deeply rooted sisterhood and support, as well as dozens of coaching calls and TONS of resources!

The magic starts January 21st, 2019

Pay in Full

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2 Monthly Payments

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ When does the program start and what time are the calls?

Money Magic starts Monday, January 21st

New lessons are released on Monday. Live Facebook Q+A's happen on Thursdays at 2 pm PST / 5 pm EST.

All Q+A's are recorded so don't worry if you can't make it or miss a week.

+ I'm just starting out. Shouldn't I focus on business skills?

I thought the exact same thing and I spun my wheels for MONTHS in fear and self-doubt.

Here's the honest truth: knowing the practical skills will do nothing for you if you're holding yourself back around money. The reason I'm so passionate about this course is that we heal the inner stories around wealth and worthiness that most courses don't.

When you have that dialed in, everything else (creating programs, asking for the sale, signing clients) becomes 1000% easier.

+ I've invested in other money courses but I'm still struggling.

I have SO been there! If your inner chatter is something like, "I can't possible invest in another training," "I should focus on what I have," or "Can I really commit?" I want you to STOP. And BREATHE. Check in with yourself.

Money Magic is an incredible container and a wonderful gift to yourself and the people you're here to help. I can promise the work we do isn't like anything else you've experienced before.

You know if this is for you. Is it scary? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

+ I'm not a coach or an entrepreneur. Is this for me?

Anyone who feels like they are afraid of money, have money blocks, or wants a deeper, richer, more expansive relationship with money can benefit from this course. If you're feeling stuck, inunspired, and unmotivated in your current business or job, Money Magic can definitely help you!

+ Where do I sign up?!?

I'm so glad you asked. Right here.

Ready to make 2019 the year you make friends with money once and for all?