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I am SO excited to

partner with you in this journey to your highest expression of joy, impact, and abundance. We are going to dive deep into the practice of Wealth Alchemy in a moment but before we get started, it’s important to define our terms:

Wealth: An abundant sense of worth, value, and well-being possessed and expressed by a soul who remembers who they really are within the infinite; especially as this relates to one’s sense of self-worth, relationship to the material world and the physical manifesting of ultimate reality. - David Alexander English

Alchemy: The art and science of interior initiation. The foundation of alchemical practice is based on inner transformation, and the reflection of that transformation in the material world. All things, no matter how banal, hold deeper spiritual symbolic meaning that serves our growth. - Michelle Dobbins

As you can see, wealth in this sense not only connotes actual money (which of course we will be discussing), but the quality of your relationship to yourself and how you relate to the world around you. By improving and repairing this relationship, we open to not only the flow of money, but of impact, connection, meaning, fulfillment, and joy that we are desiring.

We do this through the process of alchemy: taking what is blocking us from all of that goodness and transforming it into fuel for your greatest expression, liberation, and impact.

Paradigms of Wealth Alchemy.png

A paradigm is a typical or widely-accepted model of something.

These paradigms are presented as guideposts and a worldview that is foundational for the work of Wealth Alchemy.

These are not hard and fast “rules” of life, they are opportunities to deepen into our inquiry of how we are creating our lives and businesses. I can’t prove to you that they are true, but I do have a plethora of evidence that when we DO experiment with taking them on as true, the results are infinitely rewarding and fulfilling.

Some of these may trigger you, some you may fist-pump on, and some you might not quite understand. That’s ok. Keep an open mind - especially if you feel triggered or confronted - because that is where the work starts. Be curious for now, and see what comes up for you.

1. As above, so below. As within, so without.

The Divine is within you. You are within the Divine. What is happening in your outer reality is happening within you, and vice versa. To shift our outer reality, we first make shifts within ourselves. And the good news is that little internal shifts create large external shifts.

2. You are the divine creator of your reality.

From the perspective of the Divine within you, you get to choose what you do and do not want to experience in your reality. If you are experiencing something you don’t like, it is 100% within your power to shift it. If you are experiencing something you do like, it is 100% within your ability to create more of it. No exceptions.

3. We live in an infinitely abundant Universe.

Abundance is all around you at all times. The same Source Energy that created the oceans, that allows flowers to bloom, and that inspires birds to fly also created you. When we raise our perspective to align with this truth, we see that lack is an illusion. What looks like lack is lack-based circumstance, and not at all indicative of the truth or of what is possible.

4. Desire and the possibility of its fulfillment exist simultaneously.

Your desires are gifts from your Divine Self, given to you to inspire growth, fulfillment, and expansion. The moment a desire comes to your mind, the possibility of its fulfillment is in your field. It is up to you to allow it to come in.

5. Life happens for you by you, in service of your healing, growth and expansion.

There is nothing that we have experienced or will experience that is outside of our realm of influence. While events may occur that are outside of our control, we choose how we respond and what we learn out of each and every occurrence in our lives.

6. Every single part of you is worthy of love. Especially the parts that feel unlovable.

The parts of you that feel unlovable - the shameful, the painful, the dysfunctional - have the best of intentions for you, and are deeply worthy of love. It is by loving the unlovable parts that we begin the process of alchemy and start to set ourselves free.

7. The practice of Alchemy is the practice of embodiment.

Freeing up the stuck energy that has been caught in judgment and shame at our unlovable parts allows us to practice new ways of being. Using this energy to practice embodying our Divine Self on the physical plane is how we elevate our wealth frequency and live into what we desire.

8. Receiving is directly correlated with intimacy.

Everything we receive in our lives comes from Source through connection to other people. When we are blocking intimacy with other people, we block our ability to receive what we are asking for. Allowing yourself to connect and be seen by other people is what allows what you want to come to you.

9. Your expansion is in service of the expansion of the collective.

For millennia women have been oppressed, repressed, and denied the most basic connection to our inherent power. As one of us heals these wounds and claims her expansion, she does it in service for all, and takes her rightful place as the sovereign leader of her own life.

Meeting Your Divine Self.png

The first step of alchemy is

remembering the truth of who you are - a spark of the divine. Your Divine Self is the part of your consciousness that is connected to All That Is, that can see the bigger picture, and that knows the way to everything you desire.

Have you ever felt really anxious and worried about a problem or situation in your life? To the point where you were just spinning in circles and not feeling like you were making any progress?

So you decided to take a walk or a shower and all of a sudden the answer to your problem just dropped in out of nowhere?

That is your Divine Self speaking to you.

When we tap into our Divine Self perspective, we not only raise our vibration and get excited about all the possibilities available to us, we start to experience nudges, hunches, and inspirations as to the next right action to take to reach our goals.

Having this awareness in your back pocket, and allowing yourself to connect to your Divine Self perspective every day, will have a massive, massive ripple effect in your life.

Practice the attached Meditation and fill out the Divine Self worksheet for more.

The Practice of Alchemy.png

It all started when…

When we align with the truth of who we are, and start to take action to create what we want in our lives, everything that is * not that * is going to come up for healing.

Imagine the sun shining on a tree. The brighter the sun shines, the darker the shadow.

This is what happens when we start to practice the alchemy of moving towards what we desire. You don’t have what you want yet because there is a human part of you that feels deeply uncomfortable, unworthy, or unavailable for having it. This part of you is going to kick up a TON of resistance as you start doing this work.

This is SO normal and healing that human part of you is a big part of the work we will be doing together.

Thoughts like -

Is this really going to work?

Will people really pay me for this?

This seems too hard, I don’t have what it takes.

No one likes me, I should just go home.

I’m afraid to put myself out there because of what people might think.

I’m terrible with money so I can’t charge for my work.

What if I fuck it all up?

Are all shadow thoughts.

Even the thought of, “can I really do this?” is a shadow because, of course, from the perspective of our paradigms and your divine self - OF COURSE YOU CAN.

So, the practice of Alchemy is in first, allowing ourselves to be who we truly are - divine source creators manifesting our reality in every moment - and then allowing everything that is not that to come up for healing.

The good news is that we are infinitely powerful, and healing is possible in an instant.

We all have five alchemical manifestation powers that, when understood, accessed, and utilized, support us in this process. These powers give us choice over how we are experiencing, processing, and acting in our lives at any given moment. And in our choice is our freedom.

The Five Alchemical Manifestation Powers

Source - The Power of Awareness

Awareness is our perception of our experience at any given moment. The power of awareness is what tells you you’re alive. You’re conscious, present, and human on the planet at this moment in time. At it’s most basic level, you have awareness of what you’re wearing, of whether or not you’re hungry, of if you’re hot or cold. You have awareness of discomfort, of what you don’t want, and you have awareness - however dim - of what you DO want instead. And, you’re starting to have awareness of how you can create what you want.

We have the power to shift our awareness whenever we want. For example, oftentimes when my clients sit down to write content, they run into a lot of resistance. At that moment, you have a choice whether to focus your awareness on how resistant you are to the writing process, or you can focus you awareness on how excited you are to help a lot of people with your words. Using your power of awareness, you can choose the latter, and the process gets easier.

Air - The Power of Thought

In this context, your power of thought is the thoughts you are having and stories you are telling yourself about a certain situation or experience in your life. We all think thousands of thoughts a day, and only 2% of them are conscious. We are going to work on unconscious beliefs later on, but for now, being intentional with the 2%of our conscious thoughts can cover a lot of ground.

Choosing new thoughts can be very simple, and it ultimately comes down to one question - which one feels better? For example, if someone cuts me off in traffic, I can choose to think they’re an asshole, honk my horn, and get really mad. Or, I can choose to think that they’re having a stressful day, I can have compassion for them, and I can choose to stay calm. With that simple choice, I not only improve my own experience of the situation, I call my power back.

Water - The Power of Emotion

Our thoughts create our emotions. Using our cut-off-in-traffic example, the emotions I feel about that situation are determined by the thoughts I think about it.

I can choose to think that guy is an asshole, and get really pissed and angry.

I can choose to think that guy is having a bad day, and feel compassionate and at peace.

You get to choose how you want to feel in each moment. This is not to say don’t feel your feelings - “negative” emotions like sadness, anger, and grief 100% have a place in our emotional realities. The practice is in using discernment as to when you need to process them, and when you can shift out of them using your power of choice.

From a manifestation perspective, choosing to feel excited and optimistic about your goals (even if they haven’t happened yet), is a thousand times more powerful than feeling anxious or scared about them. Using your power of choice over your emotions in this context is what creates miracles and turbo-charges your results.

Earth - The Power of Embodiment

Our power of embodiment is what allows us to bring our desires, visions, and goals out of our heads and into our reality. It’s a well-worn personal development adage to “act as if,” and that’s exactly what we’re talking about. You have to practice BEING the version of you who has what you want, in order to call it in. When you’re signaling to Creative Substance that yes, you are this person, you are embodying her energy, you are showing up as her - what you want can’t help but start to enter into your reality.

This can sometimes be tricky because our fear wants to say, well - but it’s not here yet?! How am I supposed to be the person who has it if I don’t have it?!

The good news is, you do already have it - as your divine self, for whom everything is happening and has already happened. Start showing up in the world as her, and the magic happens.

Fire - The Power of Action

This is where the rubber meets the road. It’s a common misconception in manifesting that we can set an intention, maybe visualize a little bit, and get what we want. Unfortunately (or fortunately perhaps), it doesn’t work that way. We have to actually get up off the couch and take action towards the direction of what we desire. This is how we show the Universe we’re committed to becoming the kind of person who can receive your goals.

As you start to develop a relationship with your Divine Self, you will start getting nudges, hunches, and intuitive hits about the next right action to take in your business and your life. Maybe it will be to reach out to a certain potential client. Maybe it will be to write a blog or record a podcast on a certain subject. The more you can follow these nudges, even if they feel uncomfortable or you don’t see how they relate to your goal, the more you will be surprised by what starts to show up for you.

We move through this cycle every time we create anything. The more you practice it, the easier it gets. Resistance will come up, and that is when we have the opportunity to recognize, process, and move through it in order to manifest the money, clients, and life we want.

What This All Has To Do With Your Business.png

This has everything to do with your business.

In order to create the results you want in your business, you have to start to become the version of you who has that. And to become the version of you who has that requires the release and transmutation of everything that is not that. All of the fears and doubts that are keeping you from what you want, even if they’ve been unconscious, are mucking up your results.

As you start to align with your Divine Self and start to move through the alchemical steps of manifestation, more and more of that resistance will fall away. As it does, you get to embody the truth of who you are and what you’re here to do.

Since, as paradigm one says, as within so without, the changes that happen within you also happen in your business. And as they take place, your business will start to flow that much more easily.

When you’re sitting in resistance and fear it doesn’t matter how many different strategies you try, they’re not going to work the way you want. We start with your Divine Self because when you start showing up in your business as HER, THEN we add the strategy and structures on top.

This is the foundation from which everything flows.

Choosing Your Outcome.png

That said, we need to know, what, exactly it is that we want to manifest.

This exercise is where you spend some time getting clear on what your goal for the next nine months. I know you’re probably thinking “there’s lots of things I want?!” but for now you’re going to choose one concrete thing that you can point to and say - “yes, I did it. This worked.”

There are three things you want to keep in mind when setting your goal. It should be:


It’s so important to have clarity around what, exactly you are trying to achieve. Oftentimes this is one of the biggest stumbling blocks because we don’t feel we’re allowed to get specific about what we want. Let that go right now, and drill down -

“Ten amazing women in my one to one program” instead of “attracting soulmate clients”

“Bringing in at least $6k in revenue every month” instead of - “paying my bills with my business.”

“Increase my Instagram to 5,000 followers and my email list to 2,000 subscribers” instead of “grow my audience.”


Probably just means within the realm of probability in your current reality, as it stands.

“Get on Oprah with the book I haven’t written yet.” - not so probable.

“Increase my newsletter list by 50%” - PERFECT

I’m not a fan of setting “realistic” goals because anything and everything is infinitely possible, AND we do want to work within the realm of what your nervous system can handle. When we go too big, the resistance becomes too much to move through, and we become paralyzed. Choose something probable given your current reality, crush that, and then set a new goal.


Oftentimes I have to check my clients because they start to set goals based on what they think they “should” want, or what they see working for other entrepreneurs. Don’t fall into that trap.

What feels good to YOU? What do YOU want? What would bring YOU joy?

25 clients in a group program may feel awesome for your friend, but exhausting for you.

Small, intimate workshops may be someone else’s jam, but you want a huge platform

Let yourself get in touch with what feels best to you now.

Access the Crystal Clear Outcomes worksheet and write down your goal.

Put it somewhere where you will see it every day - your desk, your bathroom, wherever feels best to you.

And get excited!! The magic is already flowing.

Daily Practice.png

Daily practice is one of our most powerful tools as witches.

As we’ve discussed, the more you anchor into and live as your divine self, the more easily the magic will flow, and the more effective you are at taking action towards what you desire. And, this comes through repetition.

You’ve been living your life up until this point with certain habits, thought patterns, and ways of being that are outdated and don’t serve your highest good. This is beautiful and perfect, and it’s time to let those go in order to step into what you’re creating.

Daily Practice will help that process exponentially. AND, it’s only three minutes long!

How to do Daily Practice

Set a timer for three minutes.

Close your eyes as if you’re sinking into meditation. Take a few slow, deep breaths.

Call to mind your Divine Self. Imagine yourself AS her, in her energy, acting how she acts, doing what she does. Put your heart where hers is, and start to breathe as her.

When you feel embodied in her, call to mind your desired outcome - your goal. Visualize yourself having received it. How are you feeling? What’s going on around you? How do you know that this has happened, what is different? How are you celebrating?

Bask in the energy and the knowing that it is done. Immerse yourself in these emotions and this feeling until your timer goes off.

Write down any kind of nudges, hunches, or inspirations that came your way during your visualization, and stay on the lookout for signs and synchronicities throughout your day.

Start doing this every day.

Next Steps.png

Whew, I know that is a lot of information!!

Remember, you don’t have to digest this all at once. It takes time, and that’s ok. Just by showing up you’re making progress. Bring any questions or stumbling blocks to our next call.

So let’s break down next steps:

  • If fears and doubts are starting to come up, that’s perfectly normal and beautiful. Work through them the best you can using your Divine perspective and the five powers, and bring them to our next call.

  • Start doing your Morning Practice every day. Keep your eyes open for signs, synchronicities and magic.