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Hey there sensitive, empathic, witchy woman,

You know you’re ready to go bigger in your business.

You deeply desire to impact even more people, do the work your soul is here to do, and make a beautiful living while you’re at it. The work you do is deep, transformative, alchemical, and changes lives. You’re ready to fully claim your space as the potent coach, healer, leader that you know in your heart you are.

And yet, you’re afraid that in order to get there you’re going to have to sell out. You are worried that your teachings will lose their depth and potency. You definitely don’t want to turn into one of “those coaches” - you know, one of the ones who are always crowing about their five figure days and flashy lifestyle.

Deep down, you’re afraid that you just don’t have what it takes.

I get it, because I have totally been there.

So I have bad news, and I have good news.

The bad news is that you’re not going to get to where you want to be doing the things you’ve been doing. If you’ve learned the basics, if you have the templates, if you know what you should be doing but it’s not working - the answer isn’t in creating more “structure” or “strategy.”

Sorry, but not sorry.

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The good news is that actually, creating a breakthrough is much simpler than that.

It requires you BEING YOU - healing the conditioning and patterns that are keeping you from your most potent, magical, authentic self. It requires turning the dial up on your truth, your wholeness, your potency.

You know, all the stuff you’ve been trying to hide behind funnels and strategy ;)

The best way to monetize your magic is to create high-impact, high-value coaching packages that are a unique reflection of your transformational journey, heart-centered values, and soul gifts.

In other words, a reflection of YOU.

Showing up as the leader you are. Holding space in the way only you can. Sharing your potent medicine with the people who need you most.

This is how we turn our deepest wounds into our greatest wealth.

For us, and for our communities, our society, and our world.

You don’t have to be someone else to be successful. In fact, your next breakthrough is in healing all the stories and fears that are keeping you from your most potent, authentic self.

Creating packages based on your unique soul gifts and journey, pricing accordingly, and showing up as the leader you are is the best way to contribute your potent medicine with the world.

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Over the course of five days, you’ll learn:

Day One: The energetics of leadership - How to show up as the leader, healer, teacher you already are

Day Two: Creating your container - Build your high-impact, high-value coaching package based on your unique journey, transformation and soul gifts

Day Three: Broadcasting your magic - Move through fears of judgment or rejection in order to connect with the women who deeply need your light.

Day Four: Aligning with abundance - Effortlessly align with the life-changing value of your program and receive rates of $5k, $10k and up

Day Five: Making your big moves - How to move through upper limits and self-sabotaging to ensure a flow of upward spirals and manifestations

At the end of the challenge you’ll walk away with:

  • An embodied knowing of your most aligned, potent self and the leader you are

  • Clarity as to what, exactly, your soul is here to do and how to talk about it

  • A unique, authentic coaching package that feels good to you and has ideal clients leaning in and saying YES!

  • The ability to easily welcome women into your container at rates that reflect the life-changing value of the work you do ($5k, $10k and up)

  • More freedom, joy, power and magic for yourself and your community than you ever imagined

Sound good?

If you’re ready to feel more confident, more aligned, more authentic than ever when it comes to sharing your gifts with the world…

If you’re ready to finally be having the impact and serving the clients you know your soul is here on this planet to serve...

If you’re ready to have the income breakthrough you need in order to have the life and business you deserve…

I’d be honored if you joined us for the
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