Five steps to taking your power back

So, you got triggered. Whether it was by a tough client, something your partner said, or Mercury was in retrograde, something caused you to start to spin out.

First, breathe. The truth is that we all get triggered all the time. Especially when you’re a coach, teacher, or healer and you’ve chosen to do transformational work, triggers and growth are part of the process. Celebrate it! It means a breakthrough is available for you.

That said, we can start to shorten the cycle of how triggered you get by a certain person or situation.

When we get triggered, we’re actually giving part of our power away - we’re allowing an external stimuli to determine our interior reality. True power is in being able to face the same trigger, without getting hooked in by it. This creates space to choose a different choice, which ultimately leads to massive transformation.

One of the biggest breakthroughs I ever had was when I was able to check my bank account - still much lower than I would ever want it to be - and actually start to celebrate it, instead of letting it throw me into scarcity or lack. From that place, I felt 100% more empowered around my finances and was able to start making some serious moves.

So how do you do this? There is a five step process I practice over and over again.

Step one: Notice it

I mean, usually it’s pretty obvious but I’ve had times where I've had constant low-level trigger going for months. Especially when it comes to money triggers, we can feel so anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed that we just ignore our money completely. This is how things snowball into explosions of emotion, or situations that feel completely unmanageable. The first step is always giving yourself awareness as to what, exactly, is triggering you.

Step two: Mirror it

In other words, use the trigger as a mirror and use it to examine yourself. If you dig deeper, what thoughts are causing the trigger? What beliefs are causing those thoughts? For me and money, it was often thoughts like “OMG I’m about to run out of money, this or that payment is going to be late, what the fuck, why can’t I get this together.” The beliefs around those thoughts are things like, I’m not capable of making the money I need, money is hard to make, it takes a long time for money to come in, etc. So use your trigger to identify unhelpful thoughts that may be running the show.

Step three: Transform it

Now that you’ve identified old helpful beliefs that are running the show, you’re free to choose new ones. What do you know to be true instead? What are you standing for in yourself and your life? Ones like, money is always coming to me in expected and unexpected ways, I love money and money loves me, I can create whatever I need whenever I need it, etc. Find ones that resonate for you, and reach for those instead. Doesn’t that feel better?!

Step four: Bless + release it

These old beliefs are just trying to protect you, so there’s no reason to make them bad and wrong. They’re just outdated. Now that you have the ability to take your power back through new beliefs, it’s time to let them go. Thank these beliefs for trying to protect you, for serving you, and allowing you to go free to live in your new beliefs.

Step five: Clear it

Now that you’re feeling more grounded and flat around the situation, you have some choices to make. Do you need to have a conversation with the person who triggered you? Do you need to take action to resolve the situation that triggered you? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Use your discernment here but don’t shy away from having the tough conversation or doing the scary thing if it needs to happen. When it comes to money, getting out of scarcity trigger and into inspired action is one of the quickest ways to take your power back from lack mentality.

Being in your power is about allowing yourself to remain in equanimity and sovereignty no matter what is going on around you. The more you practice these steps the easier it will get to do in the moment, and the more free and empowered you’ll be to create your wealthy life.