When you want to be doing the deeper work…

It’s undeniable that we’re seeing a shift in the coaching and transformation space right now. The old ways are just not cutting it, and we are all being called into deeper levels of authenticity, integrity, and truth. I truly believe that every single one of you in this community is here to do great work in order to to shift the paradigm and to heal the collective. This also means that the old ways that you’ve been doing things aren’t working anymore.

If you’re feeling this shift too, it may be showing up in the following ways :

  • It feels like your marketing is falling flat, or your clients are engaging but not investing, and you don’t know where the disconnect it
  • You’ve hit an income plateau, and even though you know breaking through it is not about hustling, you can’t seem to help but default to that mentality.
  • The work you’ve been doing up until doesn’t feel 100% aligned, and you want to be doing deeper work with your clients

Here’s the thing -

Your breakthrough to the next level, whatever that looks like for you...

Isn’t about marketing

Isn’t about hustling

Isn’t even about the work you’ve been doing in the past.

It’s about what wants to come through NOW.

It’s about who you want to be NOW.

It’s about what your soul is calling you to, NOW.

So, when you really tap in, what is it you really want to be talking about? What is it you really want to be coaching, teaching, healing around? What is it that you really want to be a stand for in the world?

I know from personal experience how scary this can be. When I first started as a health coach I thought I had to talk about kale smoothies in order to sign clients, when really all I wanted to ask about was my client’s feelings.

It was awkward, to say the least.

I got a lot of, “what in the world does being angry at my mother have to do with creating a meal plan?”

The answer was, of course, EVERYTHING.

I knew that their fears and limiting beliefs had everything to do with how my clients were eating. I just didn’t have the courage to stand for that in my marketing and in my coaching.

Well, now I have the courage. Obviously, lol.

Because I am so, 100% rock solid the fact that our identity and beliefs inform our behavior, and no sustainable change - let alone any kind of magic or alchemy - happens without starting there.

But it took me letting go of what wasn’t working, and getting brave in order to step into what I knew in my heart would work. The deep stuff.

I want the same for you.

Because if you have a desire, a calling, a knowing that you’re meant to be doing deep, impactful, transformative work in the world - not just dancing around the surface of it - the work you want to do is the work meant for you.

So, how do we start to do this?

  1. Get supported. If you could have done it by yourself you would have done it by now. This is not to shame or blame, it’s just a fact. As witchy women especially, if you have fears of visibility or charging for your work it’s very hard to try to move through them by yourself. Having someone in your corner who’s done it, who knows the ropes, and who can hold space for you to step into your greatness is literally invaluable.

  2. Get honest. BE HONEST about what you really want, what you really want to be saying, how you really want to be working. Be honest about how awesome you are, how impactful your message is, and how life-changing the work you do is. Most of us spend a lot of time dimming our light. But what is more magnetizing, a dim lightbulb or a freaking lighthouse?! It’s time to be the lighthouse, and that starts with radical honesty.

  3. Get brave. Claiming the deep work for yourself means that you, yourself have to be doing the deep work and that requires bravery. Every single time I uplevel the dynamics in my life change. It takes a lot of courage to keep evolving, and yet I know it’s the way to having the most impact. So, who do you need to have a conversation with? What dynamic needs to change? What updates do you have to make to your website? What do you have to post on social media?

    What are you going to do and by when? Declare it, calendar it, fulfill on it.

And as always, reply to this email and let me know your action step!

I believe in you,