Be careful what you wish for

So in my last post we left off on me being visited by an angel as I recovered from a devastating breakup and started to rebuild my life.

So then what happened?


Seriously, you can’t make this shit up.

A friend had come over to my new apartment in Dupont Circle, two blocks away from my favorite yoga studio and three blocks away from the grocery store (just like I’d seen in my vision). She was helping me put together my new loveseat - it took us three tries to figure out the configuration of the cushions #ikeafail.

In the midst of wrestling with an Allen wrench, my friend off-handedly mentioned that her sister knew a chiropractor who was building out a wellness practice and was looking for coaches. Her sister had given him my name - was that ok?

My jaw hit the floor - was that ok?!

Of course that was ok! It was my dream!

It felt like beautiful validation of every choice I’d made up until that point. I knew, knew, that if I’d still been with my ex this opportunity wouldn’t have come to me. The stars were aligning. 

This is what happens when we align our actions with our vision.

I met with the chiropractor, who offered me a job on the spot.


Wait, what? You mean I can’t just daydream about this awesome life? I actually have to make a scary decision - whether or not to actually go for it?

I spent the next few weeks agonizing over what to do.

Interestingly enough, even though I knew this was a soul opportunity, and my intuition was telling me to go for it, and I had literally seen it in my vision - I was scared. I couldn’t get over the fear of not having a full-time income, of potentially failing. So I agonized, and stalled.

[What I didn’t know at the time was that this is normal. When we are finally confronted with the realization of a goal, our subconscious will do everything in its power to sabotage us, because it's afraid of change. Which is why I’ve worked in how to overcome this resistance in the VisionWeaving process I use with clients now].

Confused, overwhelmed, unsure of what to do, in October 2014 I flew to a coaching conference San Diego. I was hoping for a gigantic lightning bolt of clarity, and none came.

Until, at the very end of the three-day event, my mentor asked me a question that hit me like a punch on the gut + has stuck with me to this day -

In six months, which version of yourself are you cheering for?

So, what did I do next? You can check it out in the next blog post.