The real reason it's so scary to put yourself out there

It happens every.single.time.

"I'm so afraid to post about my business on Facebook because what if my old coworkers see what I'm doing and judge me?"

"I know I need to get more visible, but what if I do, and no one responds, and everyone knows what a failure I am?"

"I want to share more about Akashic records, but no one in my network knows what they are - how are they going to pay me for it?"

"I'm so sick of talking about basic business shit. I want to get extra-woo, but what if I alienate the people who already follow me?"

Sound familiar?

I've had these conversations over and over with clients, business besties, and myself.

The fear of getting visible online in order to share your magical work is real. It's normal. 
It doesn't mean anything is wrong with you, it just means you're a human with an emotional reality ;)

There are two big reasons why it feels so uncomfortable (at first!):

  1. Sharing an offering from your soul's gifts isn't like selling any old product. Most of us have a deep aversion to selling in general, and then when you add the soul-baring vulnerability of selling the work that means the most to you? To a bunch of strangers? It's no wonder most of us would rather hide under the bed than do an Instagram story. 

  2. Claiming your truth and worth as an empowered woman and a leader, teacher, and healer is deeply disruptive to our societal status quo. When you do this you're going against centuries of patriarchal conditioning that is engineered to sit us down and shut us up. By making yourself visible you are going against that conditioning, so of course it's going to feel uncomfortable, and even painful at first. It's also a deeply radical act from which true confidence and power emerges.

In order to have the kind of businesses - and the kind of world - that we want, we have to get comfortable being visible. We have to get comfortable sharing our voices, our values, the things that matter most to us and the amazing work that we do.

Because it's not just about us.

When one of us claims her power, she makes it easier for the sister next to her. She heals her lineage backwards and forwards. She creates a ripple effect in her world that changes everything.

You're not alone.

Every single entrepreneur I know has had to go through this initiation.

And there are ways to make it easier.

Three ways to get comfortable putting yourself out there

  1. Start small. You don't have to go blasting what you're up to all over your social media (at least at first ;) ). Tell one person a day what you're up to, even if you start with the mailman. Side note: I did not do this. For six months into my coach training the only people who knew what I was doing were my parents, my best friend, and my boyfriend at the time. I was so freaked out by what people would think of me that I hid for a long time, and it's one of my deepest regrets from when I was getting started. So don't be like me. 

  2. Get consistent. Tell one person every day. Write a little bit in your journal every day. When you feel ready, start posting on social media every day. Small things add up big time in the long run, and consistency is a habit that will serve you for the life of your business. For journaling, I love the Morning Pages practice from the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, which has the side benefit of being a great tool for content creation.

  3. Be brave. This is one of those things that only gets easier with practice. The first few times might feel awkward AF, and that's ok. Embrace the discomfort as a sign that you're growing, and keep leaning into your vision. You've got this.

There are people who desperately need you, who are waiting for what you have to offer.

But you have to go first and get visible so they can find you and pay you.

What are your biggest fears when it comes to getting visible? Email me here and let me know!

You've got this.