Are you hiding your magic?

A few years ago, once I realized that it wasn’t just me who had this seemingly irrational fear of visibility and selling in my business, I got really, really curious.

SO many of the clients I was speaking to were saying the same thing -

I know what I need to be putting myself out there more, but I’m scared

I know that I need to raise my rates and have better money boundaries, but I can’t

I know that I need to get honest about the magic of the work I do, but I’m afraid no one will understand

Outwardly, these women seemed to have everything going for them - confidence, education, multiple courses and certifications under their belt - and yet, they were wracked by anxiety and self-doubt when it came to making money with their spiritual gifts.

What gives?

As I talked to more women I realized these fears were not just about business. These were fears around being fully who we are - and the acceptance, or lack thereof, that we receive when we let our true magic out.

And then, I landed on the witch wound.

What is the witch wound?

The witch wound is the collection of mental wounds, limiting beliefs, and psychic trauma that all women - but especially highly sensitive, empathic, intuitive women - carry after centuries of our culture’s invalidation, disempowerment, and abuse.

Society has systematically invalidated feminine gifts like intuition, embodiment, collaboration, emotional intelligence, and healing - you know, all the things that we’re good at.

This can show up in our family systems as:

  • Always feeling misunderstood or like an outsider,

  • Fears that you can’t “hack it” that lead to overfunctioning and burnout, or

  • Writing your sensitivity off as weakness or airy-fairy.

Most of us didn’t grow up in spiritually-attuned families, and so the very things that make us magical are the very things that were rejected when we were younger.

The process of healing the witch wound, and claiming your power as the wealthy witch you are, is in embracing the very things that you learned to hide up until now.

Three Keys to Healing the Witch Wound

Acknowledge your magic

It’s time to stop hiding. Acknowledging the fact that you are magical, that you are sensitive, and empathic, and intuitive gives you a ton of power. Instead of muscling through pretending to be something you’re not, learning to acknowledge and respect your gifts is one of the most important reclamation tools there is. You don’t even have to tell anyone else. Deciding for yourself is enough.

Claim your worth

Recognize that the exact thing that makes you different is just that - the thing that makes you different! This is what makes you, YOU. It is the thing that you, and only you can bring to the world, and it is exactly what your clients will pay for. You have something special to bring to them, and you’re not doing anyone any favors by hiding out. You are worthy now, just as you are, and it’s time to claim it.

Embrace your power

The amazing thing about being an empathic, intuitive, sensitive woman is that, even though patriarchy will tell us that we’re weak, we’re actually super, super powerful. Why do you think they had to undermine us so completely? Witchy women are the best manifestors, have the biggest hearts, and are here to change the game. It’s time to stop buying into the story that we’re “less-than,” and time to embrace our power as the world-changes and paradigm shifters we are.

There has never been a better time to be a witchy woman. Let your magic out and watch your world transform.

What resonates for you? Email me here and let me know!`