Why 2018 is the year of the wealthy witch

Over the past year we’ve seen drastic developments in modern women’s empowerment. The Women’s March and the #metoo movement are the crest of the wave that has been gathering for some time.

We’ve also seen how the old ways are crumbling faster than ever before - unprecedented natural disasters and the toxic political climate are symptoms of a system that is failing. 

These two things happening together are not an accident. 

Women are rising all over the planet, claiming our voices, our healing gifts, our sovereignty, and yes, our wealth. We are here to heal ourselves and heal the world. 

We are also learning that to do that we have to be well-resourced. We are leaning into the value of our energetic, intuitive, spiritual healing gifts and messages. We are finally internalizing the idea that we are the ones that we’ve been waiting for, and the world needs our magic. 

We are moving beyond self-doubt, beyond ancestral trauma, beyond “what will people think?!”, into confidence, self-assuredness, and grounded manifestation of a world based on truth, joy, love, and magic. 

That is the gift of the witch.

To know her desires.

And take action to create them. 

If you are a sensitive, feeling, intuitive woman you’ve probably been told your whole life to not take things so personally, that how you feel doesn’t matter, and to shut down your intuition in favor of what society tells you you should think. 

If you’re like the women I work with, over the past few years you’ve started to experience breakdowns in which the status quo is not only crumbling, it’s no longer viable. You feel stuck and unfulfilled in life as it “should be,” and so you’ve started to look at other ways of being, living, and making money. 

You may even have started your own business, but you’re not yet seeing the income and impact you want because fear and self-doubt is still holding you back. 

This can feel frustrating and demoralizing. Patriarchy, internalized and otherwise, does not get dismantled overnight. 

Nevertheless, it has never been a better time to be a spiritual woman with a visionary business. Every breakdown, every challenge, every struggle you’ve experienced up until this point has been preparing you for this moment. You are brave, you are strong, and you are ready. 

There are three keys I have learned in my years of supporting creative, witchy, intuitive women in overcoming fear and self-doubt to make money with their spiritual work. Hundreds of women have used this knowledge to transform their lives and their businesses. 

Three Keys to Unlocking Your Inner Wealthy Witch

1. Claim your desires. Yes, you are worthy of what you want. No, it is not selfish, self-centered, or arrogant to go after your desires. In fact, it is the only true raw material we have to work with in order to create a better world. The only person we can control, influence, or improve is ourselves. And we do that through becoming the kind of person who takes action on what they want. So, get clear on what you want. Time freedom? $5k above expenses every month? A house by the beach? To travel with your family? Own it, write it down, and decide the single next right action you can take towards creating it. 

2. Get visible with your gifts. If you’re reading this, you have a healing gift that someone else needs. Your coaching packages, your yoga classes, your intuitive guidance sessions, your healing messages. But your people can’t find you if they don’t know who and where you are. I see SO many women holding themselves back from the kind of business they desire because they’re worried about what people will think of them. The kind of people who will judge you are not your people. The people who will pay you are your people. Start talking about your business, about your work, about your passions, and the right people will respond. 

3. Heal your money story + learn how to receive. Most of us grew up with shitty, unhelpful money stories. We believe that money is the root of all evil, or that you only get it after working 80 hours a week on no sleep. We are terrified of it so we live in overdraft or rack up secret credit card debt. How you relate to money is a window to how you relate to life, and it can be a portal for your deepest healing. But only if you let it. Be brave enough to learn how to make friends with money and receive material wealth for your gifts. Write a new money story to one based on love, joy, and abundance. Watch the wealth flood in. 

This work is not easy, but it can be simple. And on the other side of it is the freedom, abundance, space, magic, and love that you know in your soul is possible for you. As one of us rises, we all rise. This year, I hope you choose to rise as the Wealthy Witch that you are.

These are the foundations of my free e-book, the Wealthy Witch’s Guide to Creating a Life + Business that Feel Like Magic. To get your witchy hands on it and lots more freebie resources to make your magic in the world, click here.