The risky move that will transform your business

At first, when we feel like we’re on the brink of an uplevel, we second-guess ourselves.

We KNOW that what we want is possible.

And yet, there is zero evidence to support that.

Reality is showing us the exact opposite.

Maybe your client pool has dried up - and your income along with it.

Maybe your content isn't getting as much engagement as it used to.

Maybe you feel like you're treading water, working so hard and not seeing any progress.

It’s time to start going on blind faith.

The Internet says that, "blind faith occurs when someone puts their faith into something without any evidence."

In a business context this looks like:

  • Pivoting your message because you feel like it’s time to be having a new conversation - without knowing how people are going to respond.

  • Doubling your prices because you finally got wise to the life-changing value of the work you do - although you’re still afraid that no one will pay.

  • Committing to mindset and energetic work over strategy because you can feel that’s where you breakthrough is, although it hasn’t happened yet, and your ego is screaming that you need to be “productive.”

I'm not recommending blind faith is the right move in every situation. But I am saying that, at certain pivotal points in your life, the willingness to take a chance on blind faith is what separates those who succeed from those who stagnate.

After all, what good is being a witch if we aren't using our gifts?

Our intuition.

Our power.

Our commitment.

Our CHOICE that things get to be different, better, more fun, flowy and abundant.

So, how to discern when it's time to take a leap of blind faith?

You’ve been doing all the logical things, and it’s not working

Our egos want to make sure we check all the boxes, especially when we’re doing something as scary as upleveling. So, we follow the step by step scripts, we learn the strategies, and we follow the content formulas. But in my experience, and the experience of 100’s of my clients, is that those things don’t work unless you’re backing it up with soul. Aligning with your higher self, your soul, does take a leap of blind faith because you don’t know who you’re going to be on the other side. But it’s always, 100% worth it.

You can’t see ALL the steps, but you can see the first step

I hear this SO often. “I can see my vision, but I have no idea how it’s all going to come together,” “I feel overwhelmed with how many things there are to do between here and there,” or, my favorite, “I need to make a business plan for the next couple of years.” I can guarantee you that, at least in the beginning, whatever plan you make is going to be out the window in a month or less. Being willing to take the first right step, without seeing all the steps, is how you figure out the next step after that. And the one after that.

You know in your heart you have to do something radical to get what you want

Sometimes, all it takes is the knowing. The feeling. The whisper. That it’s time to let go of all the ways you’ve been trying to protect yourself, procrastinate, or hold on to the status quo, and do something completely revolutionary. It doesn’t have to be actually starting a war. It has to be something out of the norm enough for you that it creates a pattern interrupt in your day to day, and signals to your subconscious that, whoa - things are going to be different from now on.

(I think you can tell which one is my favorite?!)

(JK, they’re all my favorite).

What kind of blind leap are you ready to take?

If this is resonating with you, and you’re ready to finally trust yourself to go for it and take the blind leap your heart has been calling you towards, there are only a few spots left in Wealth Alchemy.

Over the course of this private, immersive, nine-month journey with me, we will:

  • Turn your blind leap of faith into the best thing that has ever happened to you.

  • Turn your message into a movement that instantly resonates with your ideal client and inspires them to buy

  • Create packages and programs based on YOUR soul journey and transformation, not what you feel like you “have to” or what you think will sell.

  • Upgrade your wealth frequency so you can easily command rates of $5k, $10k and up, and feel comfortable receiving it (no more self-sabotage)!

  • Claim your power as the confident, self-assured, sovereign leader, teacher, healer that you are

If you are ready to put your blind faith in your own next level, I’d love to partner with you. Email me here for more details and an application.