The real reason we stay stuck

It’s something I hear a lot.

I’m doing all the things, but I feel like I’m spinning my wheels

I know I should be further along by now, but I just can’t seem to break through

I know what my message is / who my audience is / what my program is, but it’s just not clicking

We feel stuck.

Feeling stuck is such a common experience among entrepreneurs, and most of us default to the logical thing to get un-stuck. We try harder. We put in more hours. We try “that thing” again (you know, the thing that didn’t work the 70 other times you tried it).

The real reason women stay stuck isn’t because they’re lacking strategy, or don’t have the skills.

The real reason women stay stuck is because there’s still some tiny part of them that’s afraid of what they’ll lose when they actually get the thing they want.

Whether it’s hitting the income goal, signing the big client, growing your audience, whatever it is for you, I can guarantee you that if you don’t have it yet, there is a part of you that’s hanging on to something from the old way.

It may be a belief.

It may be a habit or pattern.

It may be as small as when you’re choosing to eat lunch.

Think about it - does the six-figure CEO version of you eat lunch hunched over at her desk at 3 pm? When she got into this business to never have to do that again in the first place?!

No, she does not.

But the biggest thing I see witchy women are hanging on to are outdated relationship dynamics. Whether it’s a romantic partner, your mother, or your clients, the idea of renegotiating those as you step into your new level often inspires terror.

This comes from our fear of losing, upsetting, or disrupting our relationships. Witchy, empathic women are conditioned and acculturated to not rock the boat. The last thing we want is to upset the people around us, or make them uncomfortable.

Because we can feel all that upset and discomfort! Duh.

So, we stay stuck in the fear of what people will think of us when we ask for what we want.

We stay stuck in relationship dynamics that don’t support our highest good.

And we stay stuck spinning our wheels doing “all the things” in our business, afraid to look at the really scary thing that will actually make the difference.

The thing is, going after your dreams, especially in an unconventional way like building your own business, and ESPECIALLY like setting big income and impact goals, is going to rock the boat.

And it has nothing at all to do with you.

The second you start to detach from trying to please everyone else and choose your truth, your sovereignty, and your goals?

The money is going to start to flow.

Raise your standards - especially in your relationships - and the money will meet you there.

So, how do we do this?

  1. Get clear. What’s your vision? Who do you need to be to hold that vision? How does that version of you show up in your relationships?

  2. Get honest. Where are you NOT showing up as that? What are you afraid of saying or asking for? Where do you need to transmute some of this fear into power?

  3. Get proactive. Where do you need to have a tough conversation? Where do you need to do the scary thing?

Get clear, and go do it.

And, it’s very very hard to do it alone.

You’ve been swimming in these beliefs, patterns, and habits your whole life. Our need for belonging is one of our deepest core needs, and even though you know you won’t die when you get what you want, your survival mechanism might not.

The truth is that if you could have shifted these patterns on your own you would have by now.

You need someone to can create a rock-solid container, who’s not going to buy into your BS, and who is going to hold you to the level of the woman, leader, teacher, healer you’re becoming.

No matter what tries to get in your way.

If this is resonating for you, I’d love to partner with you in Wealth Alchemy.

Wealth Alchemy is a private, nine-month immersion into becoming the most high-impact, high-value, high-integrity leader that you’re here to be… and getting paid accordingly.

We’ll work intimately for the nine months, and by the end you will have:

  • Gotten crystal clear on your soul-level message for the world (not the cookie-cutter thing the internet marketers tell you you should be saying)

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  • Upgraded your money mindset into your next-level wealth frequency, and developed a bank account accordingly

  • Gotten comfortable being visible as the leader, teacher, and healer you are, effortlessly magnetizing all kind of opportunities to grow your audience

  • Grounded into the embodiment and BEING of the sovereign six-figure CEO and movement maker that you know in your heart you are.

Ready for more?

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