The counterintuitive thing to do when it feels your business isn’t working

After I had my oracle card breakthrough, I started doing a lot of things differently.

The biggest one?

Was not basing my goals based on what had happened in the past (in other words, epic failure), but basing them off what I knew in my heart was possible.

You see, your past results have ZERO bearing on your future potential.

Your brain will tell you that they do. That if it’s been this hard in the past, it’s going to keep being hard.

But that’s actually a trick your brain plays that tries to keep you safe.

You get to CHOOSE in each moment, every day what you actually want. This is what it means to live into your divine self. To access all of the possibilities available to you and align your energy with them.

It’s easy to think that if you’re not seeing the results you want in your business, that the answer is to pull back.

Set smaller goals.

Offer a smaller program.

Take a smaller number of clients.

But the truth is, if you’re not seeing the results you want in your business, the answer is not to pull back.

The answer is to go BIGGER.



Ask for MORE.

If you’re fiddling around with $1k courses expecting to grow a six figure business, the truth is you’re going to be fiddling for a long ass time.

After I had that call with my old coach, I set some pretty huge goals for 2016, which included tripling my rates.

I went from charging $2200 for a six month program to $6000 for a six month program.

At the time, that number felt totally crazy. It also felt 100% aligned to me, the work I actually wanted to be doing, and the value that I was bringing to my clients.

I started showing up differently because of it. I showed up differently online, at my workshops, and on my sales calls.

After I set that new rate, I got hired three times in a week and went on to fill that program.

I couldn’t have done it without personalized support from a master coach.

Because when you decide to go big or go home like that, all your stuff is going to come up. Even more than it does when you’re sitting in resistance. Because now you’re actually DOING it.

You can’t to transform the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging you by watching another free livestream, commenting on another Facebook post, or continuing to sit on the sidelines.

You have to actually say yes to the scary thing, step into the fire, and get after it.

Because, as cliche as it is, everything you want truly is on the other side of your fear.

My brand-new, nine-month personalized immersion experience, Wealth Alchemy, is designed to support you in doing just that.

If you’re tired of hiding out, of sticking to what’s comfortable even though it’s not working -

This is for you.

Your expertise, insight, and wisdom needs to be in the hands of the people who desperately need to hear from YOU. And they don’t need your surface-level program, either.

They need you to dig deep, and mine the gold that’s sitting in your heart in order to share it and hold the space for transformation

But you have to go first

And the first step is saying yes to doing the work for yourself.

If you’re ready, email me here and I’ll send you more details and the application.