How one oracle card changed the direction of my business

In January 2016, I had my first coaching call with a soul strategy coach I had just hired. As you know by now, I spent most of 2015 spinning my wheels, taking all the online trainings and following all the build-your-business templates. And all I had to show for it was a pile of credit card debt and a undeniable knowing that I had to start doing things differently.

I was excited and nervous, but instantly knew I had done the right thing when she started our call by doing a card reading for me.

One of the cards had a peacock feather.

She explained to me that the peacock is a symbol of transmutation, and that they are the only animals that can eat poison and not die.

That in fact, it's the very act of processing the poison within their bodies that gives their feathers such beautiful colors.

They take their pain, she said, and turn it into beauty.

I knew then that that was exactly what I had to do with my business.

I had to take my so-called weaknesses and turn them into my most potent gifts.

I had to take my deepest fears, and turn them into unstoppable empowerment.

I had to take my most soul-bending breakthroughs, and turn them into medicine for my people.

The past few years have been a process of precisely that. As I got more braver and more authentic in my message and my work, I started to build a business that felt good to ME, not what everyone else told me I should be doing. Not surprisingly, my clients started having better results. My revenue increased exponentially. I have zero fear (okay, maybe 2% fear) around being out in the world as an intuitive, spiritual woman who claims her work and her worth.

I know now that I had to have that early, messy experience.

That none of those initial trainings worked for me because I had to learn how lead the way. And that the shift we're seeing in the industry is towards exactly that. The need to claim our true gifts. The need to get brave and move away from the checklists and the scripts and into grounded truth and sovereignty.

And we do that through alchemizing our deepest fears and struggles and turning them into our greatest purpose.

This is how we build businesses that are reflections of our unique soul blueprints and what's needed most in the world, not what we think will work or what we think people want to hear from us.

This is how we get embodied in our value, and easily enroll programs at $5k, $10k and up.

This is how we learn how to become the women who can receive and hold all the love, joy, wealth, and magic that is available to us, without self-sabotage, doubt, or fear.

If this resonates for you, I’m so excited to announce a new opportunity to partner with me for the rest of 2018 and into 2019. We’ll take your deepest challenges and struggles and turn them into your most potent medicine for the collective, establish you as one of the heart-centered, high-integrity leaders of the new paradigm, and upgrade your wealth frequency so you can command rates that reflect the level of your contribution and impact in the world.

There’s no obligation to buy if you apply, we’ll just jump on the phone and have a soul-to-soul conversation.

Email for more details and I’ll send you the application at