Eleven elements of witchy women

As I have awoken to the ways I have been afraid of my own power, and coached hundreds of women who have felt the same, I have realized more and more that it’s not because there is something wrong with us.

Society systematically invalidates and devalues gifts like empathy, intuition, and communication.

Which is exactly what makes a powerful coach, healer, and overall witchy woman.

The word witch conjures negative images for many. Green skin with huge warts, women who cast evil spells, or crazy ladies out in the woods.

This is a patriarchal story that is designed to keep women from recognizing and owning their true power - the power to love, heal, and create the world anew.

Which we obviously, desperately need.

So, how do you know if you're a witchy woman? Here are 11 traits that all witchy women have:

1. She is connected to her intuition - that still, small voice within that tells her when something is off, or to go in a certain direction or make a new decision. She knows when something feels right, and when it feels off. She takes action on the nudges and whispers, even when it doesn't make logical sense, because she knows that magic is waiting on the other side.

2. She manifests her desires - She knows that her desires are worthy, valid, and important so she takes action to create them. She values her desires as key points in her life's compass, guiding her to her biggest growth areas. She is willing to do the work that it takes to become the kind of person who has what she wants, which is really the essence of magic.

3. She speaks her truth - She is unafraid to say what she sees or point out the thing no one else will. She is bold, unapologetic, and fierce in her pursuit and sharing her truth. She may sometimes be afraid of what people might think of her, but she knows that speaking her truth will always set her free. She values her freedom over anyone else's judgment.

4. She faces her shadow - Wealthy witches know that "love and light" is only half the story, and that the real transformation happens when we face the darkness. She is willing to dive deep into her fears, her limiting beliefs, and her wounds in order to bring them up for healing. She knows that by facing and transmuting her pain, she activates her power.

5. She walks her duality - After all that shadow work, she is comfortable holding paradox and duality. She knows that things are not always as they seem, and that we can always choose how we look at it - positively or negatively. She is unafraid of complexity, depth, and nuance because she knows that that is where the truth always lies. She also knows that she has a choice in how to relate to that truth - from a victim mindset or an empowered one.  

6. She trusts her process - She knows that healing is non-linear, and that comparison is a losing game. She knows that as long as she keeps taking the next right action, and choosing her vision over her fear, she is on her path and will get to where she needs to be. She is fierce about managing her energy because she knows that strong boundaries will facilitate her breakthroughs.

7. She shares her magic - She unapologetically puts herself out there to share her healing, coaching, spiritual gifts with the world. She knows that what she has to offer is a unique reflection of her magic and what she's on this planet to do. She recognizes that hiding out serves no one, least of all herself. She joyfully connects with the people who need her most.

8. She charges her value - She knows that in order to live on the material plane, she needs to receive material compensation for her work. She is confident in charging for her services in a way that reflects their value. She attracts clients who are eager to transform their lives and are excited to invest in themselves.

9. She knows her power - She has experienced time and time again that the outer world is only a reflection of her inner world, and so she is continually raising her vibration. She knows that the power to create the life she wants lies within her, and that she is the only one who can wield it. She is confident in her ability to choose a new reality in any moment.

10. She leads her tribe - She knows that part of her calling on Earth at this time is to be a catalyst for the new paradigm. She is unapologetic about leading her tribe accordingly, whether that's her family or an online presence of thousands. She stands for a vision of the world that is healed, loved, and joyful, and inspired people around her to do the same.

11. She heals herself to heal the world - She knows that to change the world, she must start with herself. She recognizes that her healing is everyone's healing, and that the more empowered and whole she becomes, the better she can serve her tribe and create her work in the world. As she rises, we all rise. Rising together we can heal the world. 

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