What I learned doing 100 coaching sessions in 90 days

About a year ago I conducted 100 free coaching sessions in 90 days with other holistic healers and coaches. My goal was to practice coaching mastery, provide value + generosity, and do market research. I assumed the most common coaching requests would be around business structure, marketing, and cash flow.

What I found astonished me.

Over 80% of the women had the same challenge - they felt solid enough in their message, and they knew WHAT to do, but they weren't actually doing it.

In their words, they were "afraid of putting themselves out there."

This was fascinating to me because it was something that I struggled with SO much in the beginning (if you've read my past emails about my first six months in business, you know what I'm talking about). And I thought I was the only one.

NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THIS. And we're all struggling because of it.

What I've learned since is that you can have all of the marketing plans, all of the business templates, and take all of the courses, but if fear and self-doubt are holding you back from actually implementing, you're never going to have the business that you want.

In the words of one woman I worked with, "it's a physical pain, knowing that you have a mission in this life and you're holding yourself back from moving forward with it. It literally, physically feels like a punch in the gut."

It takes deep inner work and a strong sense of knowing to be able to overcome fears of putting yourself out there. And you can't do it alone.

My mission in life is to help you leave the cave of your fear and self-doubt, and step into the light of worthiness, abundance, and magic that is your birthright. I want to live in a world where every woman feels empowered to speak her truth, share her magic, and stand in her worthiness.

To that end, I'm opening up my calendar for seven FREE 60-minute coaching sessions in March, with me, focused on clearing what's holding you back and getting you into action around the "thing" that you've been wanting to do. These are NOT discovery calls - just a straight up gift from my heart to yours. (It originally was 10 sessions, but three are gone already after I posted about them on my Facebook yesterday!)

Here's what one woman has to say about working with me:

Natalie is a kickass goddess of mindset mastery. Most recently, Natalie got me out of my fear around writing and committed to completing a 20 day challenge to write my truth and share it online. I’d been struggling for months to get visible online, and Natalie gave me the (super loving) kick in the butt to actually DO it. She’s freaking incredible!!! - Cait Ryan, Pleasure + Embodiment Coach

Whether it's getting visible on Facebook like Cait, publishing your first blog post, or coming out of the "woo" closet, it's time to take action!

**Note: this offer is expired. To learn more about working with me or to book a Discovery Call, please go here.