Turning a breakdown into a breakthrough

We’ve all been there, right? That uncomfortable, overwhelm, anxiety-ridden place called a breakdown. Whether it’s something around your business, a family or romantic relationship, or you just are #feelingallthefeels, a breakdown is something that conventionally, we try to avoid.

But here’s the truth - breakdowns are a part of life, especially when you're going after your big dreams. Denying it won’t make it go away. And when you can learn to acknowledge, accept, and move through the breakdown, there is ALWAYS a massive breakthrough on the other side.

Early in February, I threw my back out. I was RESISTANT to the doctor's orders of rest, because I thought I had so much I needed to be doing. It was early 2017!! I had #goals and #plans to work on! My survival mechanism went into freak-out mode, causing my anxiety and fear to skyrocket. This, my friends, is a breakdown.

Instead of pushing through, I surrendered. I realized that the Universe must have some kind of higher plan, bigger than my small mind, so I learned how to rest. Nothing fell apart without me. And my back - and my business - are doing better than ever.

When we can create opportunities out of our breakdowns, magic happens.

So how do you turn a breakdown into a breakthrough?

  1. Acknowledge you're in breakdown in the first place. This can be hard, because often we don't want to admit when things aren't working. But acknowledging the problem is the first step to changing it.
  2. Surrender. The situation may not look how you thought it would, or how you wanted it to. But it is what it is, and we can only ever work with what is. So getting out of your own way, dropping the resistance, and surrendering to what IS will allow cool shit that you can't even imagine to come through.
  3. Get curious. What is the situation trying to teach you? What are you learning that you wouldn't have learned otherwise? What are you aware of now that you weren't aware of before? Bringing curiosity, instead of judgment, will help open up new possibilities.
  4. What do you want to create? Breakdowns offer us a contrast - we now know what we DON'T want to be experiencing, so we have an opportunity to clarify what we DO want instead. So, what do you want to create out of the breakdown? And how can you take action on it?
  5. Take inspired action. Identify the next, single, right step that will help move you out of the breakdown. Don't future trip and create a whole six-month plan - force yourself to focus on the single next right thing, and do that thing. Then do the next thing. Eventually, you'll see yourself moving out of it.

Breakdowns are a normal part of the growth process - they give you an opportunity to see the contrast between where you are, where you want to be, and to create the solution you desire.

What's one big breakdown you've had recently, and how are you moving through it?? Come on over to the Magic Circle Facebook Group and let me know!