The difference between dangerous and scary

Let’s face it - putting yourself out there is scary. Being subject to judgment, ridicule, things not going the way you planned is scary. Taking a risk is scary.

But you know what’s dangerous?

Letting your dreams wither and die because you are too scared to take action. 

Settling, and compromising, and “good enough” because you think it’s all you can get.

Not reaching the people who need you because you’re afraid of what a few people might think.

How often do we sabotage ourselves because we’re not willing to move through the scary things? 

Scary is often most immediate. It’s the tightness in your throat, butterflies in your stomach, spinning in your thoughts. It’s easy to identify with scary. But dangerous is much more insidious.

So, how to move through it?

Get clear on what you want. Having a vision that pulls you forward will help you get out of the scary and dangerous and move consistently into the light.

Decide what you’re committed to. Growth is uncomfortable. It’s going to call on you to do some scary things. But are you more committed to your dreams, or to your fear? 

Have an accountability buddy. Hire a coach or mentor, join a mastermind, declare your goals to a friend or family member. Speaking it out loud makes it real, and accountability really works.
Don’t let the scary things keep you in danger of never sharing your gifts at all. Because we need you.

I believe in you,