How to turn your challenges into creative gold

A question I get asked a lot is, how do I find my message? And how do I stand out when it feels like everyone else is talking about the same thing? 

And here’s the truth - yes, lots of people may have a similar message to you, but no one has the life experience, perspective, or way of being that you do. 

You are the only one who’s had the distinct experiences, challenges, breakthroughs, possibilities, and magic that you’ve had in your life. And you’re the only one who can tell us about it. 

My first viral Facebook post came after I took a walk on a day I was feeling extremely triggered, frustrated, and down on myself. I had been working on filling my first high-level program for almost three months, and I hadn’t made a single sale. I took a break from the computer and went to the park, where I got a download to share the origin story of the program - why I wanted to create it in the first place. 

That in and of itself was a story of breakdown to breakthrough, and if you’re on my mailing list you’re already familiar with it. If you’re not, the short version is that I’d reached rock bottom after about six months in business, and a workshop in Iceland changed everything for me. 

My best, most resonant posts, stories, and content comes after apparent breakdowns, crises, and struggle.

Three Ways to Find Creative Gold

  1. Don't take your struggle personally. I know, this can be so hard. But if we can look at our challenges and struggle and instead of making it MEAN something about us (we're inadequate, we'll never get it together, etc.), look for the lesson or teaching moment, you will never ever be short of content ideas. 
  2. Make your mess your message. You are the only one who's had your unique challenges, as well as your perspective. It can feel very vulnerable to put your mess on blast for anyone on the Internet to read, but it also makes you relatable. No one wants to buy from someone who's never been there, so show your people you get it.
  3. Keep your sense of humor. This goes to number one as well. The Universe is weird, and crazy, and messy, and there are always things we can't control. Being able to laugh about it makes the entire process way more fun - and who doesn't want that?!

It can be hard in our social-media-shiny saturated world, where it seems that everyone has solved their struggle and now has a five-step process to help you with yours, to feel like you’ll ever get there. But I promise you that you will. And if you can be brave enough to mine your struggle and your experience for the creative gold, we will all be better off for it.

I believe in you,