How to protect yourself from other people's fear

What an interesting time to be alive, right?

There is a lot of fear and anger floating around, especially on social media, and it’s easy to pick up. And yet, it’s more important than ever in these kinds of times to stay grounded, focused, and positive. In the absence of heart-centered leadership, all of us are needed to step up and be the lighthouse for our communities, and we can’t do that if we’re spiraling out ourselves.

So, how do you stay balanced?

This grounding and shielding meditation will help. I’ve been doing it every morning, and checking in with myself during the day as needed.

Read the meditation to yourself below, or watch the video in the Facebook group.

Meditation for psychic clearing + protection

Find a spot where you won’t be disturbed for the next five minutes. A space of tranquility + safety. Sitting or lying down, just breathe. And as you breathe, clear your mind of any thoughts. If any thoughts come up, just see them as passing clouds, let them go, and continue to follow my voice.

We’re going to take three deep, healing breaths - a deep breath in …. And a deep breath out … clearing the mind, the body, and just relaxing. One more deep breath in … and out … just feel your body becoming weightless, like a cloud. One more deep breath in … and out …

Imagine a bright, white light coming down through the top of your head, and down through your body, cleansing your energy of all fear, all anger, and let it just disappear. Feel your body relaxing as it releases this negative energy, just washing all of the impurities away. Allow this light to fill your energy body, expanding through the tips of your fingers and tips of your toes, cleansing and clearing all of your energy space.

You notice an energy bubble, floating down through the light, and it encomapsses you. As it encompasses you, notice that you feel safe and protected in this bubble. As you relax into this energy you feel it expand, and turn into a temple. This is your sacred, divine space, and you are completely safe within it, nothing can enter or exit without your express permission. What does it look like? What does it feel, smell, sound like? Take a few moments to breathe it in, and be in this beautiful safe space.

It is impermeable, and it moves with you do. Breathe in this energy, relax into this safety, love and light. Know that you are loved infinitely, and you are protected from all negative, fear based energies.

As you breathe in, you know that you are protected. Any time you feel like you are involved in any kind of negativity, know that you can always come back to your temple of light. It is always available to you, wherever you are, and you are always protected.

As you come back to your body, you notice how much safer you feel, how protected, how peaceful. Start to wiggle your toes, come back to your body, take one more deep breath in, and out.

When you’re ready, open your eyes, and welcome back. You are protected, safe, with a new sense of peace and light.

If you’re ever feeling alone, or scared, come on over to the Magic Circle group and let us support you. We’re all in this together.