On making real-life magic

This is part 4 of my saga of how I came to be where I am today - if you're just checking in, you probably want to get caught up by searching your inbox for "Life as I knew it was over," "Be careful what you wish for," and "I leapt.. and the net did NOT appear" to get caught up. 

Where we left off, I had taken the leap, stepped into my dream, and was flailing hard-core.

By May of 2015, the net had fully failed to materialize. I had hit rock bottom in my business - I’d nearly run out of savings, had minimal foreseeable income, and I was feeling ready to throw in the towel and go back to the corporate world.

But then, two magical things happened.

  1. I went to Iceland.
  2. I read Barbara Stanny’s Sacred Success.

My Iceland Story

About two months prior, in March 2015, a friend had invited me to do a workshop at a transformational storytelling festival he was organizing on an Icelandic farm. I said - duh - yes.

I knew that I wanted to be going deeper in my work - that I wanted to hold space for people to uncover their fears, face their self-doubt, and truly go for whatever their heart was telling them to go for. I knew that if someone was going to travel to a farm in Iceland, they would be willing to explore that with me.

So, I pulled out all the stops. I created a workshop based on what I wanted to be teaching, not what I thought people wanted to hear or what I thought would get me clients.

And it was one of the most powerful moments of my life. By the end of the workshop, everyone, including myself, was crying.

After that, I knew that I had to stop letting my fears of what people would think of me run the show. It was time to get visible, vocal, and share my magic.

Reading Sacred Success

I can completely unironically say that this book changed my life. If you haven’t read it, you definitely should, but my biggest take-away was the concept of surrender.

Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become - A Course in Miracles

When we think of surrender conventionally, we think of giving up. The way Barbara described it, it was getting your ego out of the way - what you THINK you want - and stepping fully into the Universe’s divine plan for your life.

Which is not usually what you think it is - which is why most conventional visioning tools don’t work. They leave out how to cultivate the intuitive connection that it takes to access that divine plan.

I realized that I’d been trying to force the Universe to comply with MY small ego vision, instead of getting curious about what it might have in store for me.

I realized that I’d been hiding from myself, and from what was trying to manifest through me, by not fully owning the power and magic of what I do.


Surrendering to the Universe is scary. Becoming the a different version of yourself is scary. And I’d been letting my fears run the show.

And so, I made a promise to myself - to release my self-doubt, and step fully into what my intuition was telling me was trying to come to and through me.

I knew that this was not only the only way I was going to start making any money, it was the only way to do what I really felt called to do - free women from their own self-imposed limitations and claim the magic that is their birthright.

That month I signed three new clients, creating my first $5,000 month.

So how exactly did I do that? Stay tuned! I’ll tell you in the next post.