I leapt ... and the net did NOT appear

This is part three of my magical backstory - if you're just tuning in, be sure to search the blog for "Life as I knew it was over [my magical backstory]" and "Be careful what you wish for... you might just get it" to catch up!

So, I leapt. I quit my corporate job, got a side hustle at Lululemon, started working at the wellness center, and got to work establishing my own coaching practice.

I also signed up for one of those business-in-a-box trainings for coaches. I had to max out two credit cards to do so, but I justified it by convincing myself that the investment would pay off.

And, reality quickly set in - my new life was even more exhausting than working in corporate. This was NOT the glamorous life of time freedom and high-level clients that I had imagined - I realized that this whole, "building a business" thing was going to be a lot harder than I had thought.

When I had imagined my dream business, it had looked like gracefully moving through my days, effortlessly signing clients + making tons of money, going to yoga in the middle of the day, getting plenty of sleep, and generally feeling like a sparkly businesswoman unicorn

What it really looked like, was getting up at 6 am to fit in a quick workout before I had to be at Lululemon to open the store, then spending an hour on the bus to get to the wellness center. I’d get home around 9, and be so exhausted I had no energy to even make dinner, let alone work on my own business. My days “off” I spent in coffee shops trying to build my own practice. I would try and implement all of the homework from my business course, and instead I would just feel more behind and more inadequate.

They make it look so easy!! Why am I struggling so hard?! I’d think to myself.

By the Spring, it became clear that things were falling apart.

I had gotten let go from Lululemon after the holidays were over.

The chiropractor had started pressuring me to join a multi-level marketing company, which I knew was not aligned with my goals.

To top it all off, I had signed exactly two clients into my personal practice after months of what felt like hustling my butt off <-- definitely something to be celebrated, but not nearly enough to pay my bills.

I was simultaneously terrified of a lot of things:

  • Running out of money
  • Not signing clients
  • Signing clients, then not getting them results
  • Putting myself out there + being judged
  • Looking too “out there” with my message in front of my corporate friends
  • Fully owning the spirituality of my work (in which I was by this point fully immersed)
  • Being rejected
  • Looking like a failure
  • The list goes on and on

And, all the while, I was mentally railing at the Universe, literally thinking -- I leapt, damnit!! Where is my goddamn net?? Isn’t it supposed to appear by now?

Oftentimes when we’re making big leaps, especially as coaches + in the entrepreneurial world, our default is: Yeah, go for it! The Universe will support you, this is your destiny!

Which it does, eventually. But first, the Universe is going to test you. It’s going to beat you up. It’s going to see how bad you want it. This is when we have two choices:

  1. We can get pissed off and throw in the towel because “it’s not working out how we thought it would,” or,
  2. We can recognize that this is a normal part of the process, feel the feelings, and recommit with more fervor and heart than ever to moving forward. This is when it becomes MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER to stay connected to your crystal-clear vision. Otherwise, it’s way too easy to quit.

When we choose number two, the Universe is always going to give us what we need - it just may not look like we expected it to.

And boy, did I need what came next.

Stay tuned! I'll tell you what it was in the next post