Are you in a prison of your own making?

So often, we put self-imposed limitations on ourselves. The more I’ve worked with and faced my own fears - in putting myself out there, in saying the bold thing, in moving out of my literal comfort zone of Washington, D.C. - the more I realize that they’re not actually real. I was coaching a client a few weeks ago and she had an a-ha moment about her fears: “I’m in a prison of my own making,” she said.

The great thing about being in a prison of your own making, is that you also have the key.

You can choose differently at any point. You can do the scary thing any time you want. For example, I’ve been procrastinating on doing my first Facebook live video because lots of people follow me there and the thought of going live was TERRIFYING. I came up with every excuse - I’m breaking out, I have to put on real clothes, the lighting in my room is terrible. I have to wash my hair - literally. Finally, I decided enough is enough and just did it yesterday. Of course, it was fine and I had so much fun! And as I write this, it has over 300 views.

The thing you’re most afraid of - sending that email, approaching that potential partner, asking for the sale - is the thing that you have to do to create the biggest breakthrough for yourself. And when you think about it, no one is holding you back but yourself.

You can tell when a woman walks her talk, has faced herself and come out the other side, can’t you? And you feel magnetized to that woman, because she is you, on the other side of your own fear. All of that is possible for you as well, but it’s up to you to decide who you want to be. 

So, how do you go about breaking out of your own prison?

  1. Get real with it. What is it you’re actually afraid of? For example, you might be afraid to pitch a yoga studio to hold a workshop because they might say no.

  2. flip it around. What are you making that fear mean about you? For example, if they say no, you might be making it mean that you’re a terrible businesswoman, or not cut out to be an entrepreneur.

  3. Examine it. Is that actually true? …. In this case, no. It could mean that it was a bad time for a workshop, or your topic wasn’t clear enough. It doesn’t actually mean anything about you as a person.

  4. Do something about it. In this case, you could approach them and ask what workshop topics they would be interested in.

When you examine your fears, most of the time they blow away like so many leaves on the wind. So are you going to let yourself out of your prison yet? Because ultimately you’re the only one who has the key.

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I believe in you,