How often do you celebrate what's going well?

I start every single one of my calls with a celebration of wins. I ask my client what’s going well and we check in on progress on her goals for the past week. I do this on my individual calls and my group calls for Inner Glow Circle. It’s SO important to acknowledge and celebrate what’s going well, because it’s so easy to focus on what’s not going well.

Right? Our brains are actually wired to scan for threats, i.e., what’s not going well, what’s not where we want it to be, or what’s wrong with this picture. It’s how we survived on the savannah and ran away from those pesky lions. But the problem is, there is no lion anymore. And when we only focus on what’s not going well, we actually create more of that thing. To get what you want, you have to celebrate it.

What you appreciate, appreciates.

When you’re working on big life goals like starting a business, it’s easy to want things exactly the way we want them, right now. (No? I’m the only one?!). But the thing is, nothing happens overnight. Every single huge accomplishment is the cumulation of multiple small actions, steps, and wins along the way. You might as well have fun and celebrate them while they’re happening!

Three ways to celebrate your wins:

  1. Take five minutes at the end of the day and write a “done” list, i.e. everything you did that day. This helps you get out of “to-do,” “left undone” mode and into “wow! Look at everything I did today!” mode

  2. Look at what you can control, and celebrate that. For example, celebrate how healthy you’re eating, instead of how many pounds you may or may have not lost. Celebrate how many messages you sent to prospective clients, instead of discovery calls actually booked. By celebrating what you can control, you’ll want to do more of it, which eventually will lead you to what you want!

  3. Write a gratitude list. No matter what, I’m sure there’s somewhere in your life where you’re winning, or where things are going well. Celebrate that piece, and it will put the other pieces into perspective where they belong.

Do you struggle celebrating your wins? Do you feel like you “should” be further along than you are? Practice one of these and let me know how it goes!