What to do when it feels like you've failed

What does failure mean to you? Is it not signing the client you were SURE would say yes? Is it only having three people show up to your teleclass or workshop? Is it having no one respond to a program you poured your heart and soul into?

It’s so easy in those moments to throw up our hands and say it’s not working. To get negative. To say that we’ve failed.

I was re-reading a passage from You[Squared] this morning that really resonated with me. Of course, it’s all about failure. The author was saying that rockets to the moon literally “fail” their way there, that is, they’re off course about 99% of the time but they keep going in the general direction they need to by making small adjustments. By the time the rocket gets to the moon, they’re ready to land exactly where they need to be. 

Oftentimes we have the picture-perfect route in our mind of how it’s supposed to go for us. Unfortunately, it often doesn’t work like that and when it doesn’t happen according to “plan,” we get discouraged. This is a waste of energy.

You don’t see astronauts being like, whoops, sorry, we’re off course, never mind! Time to turn around and go home.

They adjust, they get creative, they figure it out.

So what if “failure” was actually a positive?

Because it is. 

It’s proof that you’re trying.

It’s proof that you care.

It’s proof that you’re outside of your comfort zone and doing new things.

Not everything has to go according to plan.

Just keep failing in the general direction you want to go, and you’ll get there. Just don’t quit.