There's no roadmap for being a trailblazer.

When you start something new, it’s natural to want to know how it will all turn out. That everything will be ok. We inoculate ourselves from the fear of the unknown by planning out steps A to Z and pretend that that certainty will ensure our success.

Unfortunately, life often doesn’t work that way.

When you start to follow your soul instead of your head, you’re not going to know all of the answers. It’s not only impossible to have everything mapped out, but mapping things out is actually counterproductive because it doesn’t allow for the secret ingredient:


Not knowing the answers leaves us open to possibility. To synchronicity. To the unexpected phone call, random encounter on the street, or offhand email.

When I first started my business, I bought a course called “Copy My Program.” It was literally the same program that my mentor had built her six-figure practice on. Sure I made some tweaks here and there but it was ultimately a fill-in-the-blank experience. And it was great, because it got me from Point C to Point D in my business. I coached my first clients using that program, and they got great results.

I needed to take that step. But once I was at Point D, I quickly realized that offering a coaching program that wasn’t truly authentic to me wasn’t going to do it for the long term.

I had to find the authentic message that only comes from deep inner work.

I had to stop trying to build a business using paint by number, and instead start following my soul.

I had no idea what I would find. I didn’t have any of the answers. But I knew that to have the impact that I wanted to have, I was going to need to get brave and face my fears. Particularly, of the unknown.

Discovering your authentic voice and stepping into greater leadership of your life and your business may be the scariest thing you ever do. But the fear of not knowing all the answers is holding you back from sharing your amazing message that will change the world.

Once you do that, the opt-ins, the landing pages, the program content, all flows seamlessly because it comes from YOU. Not because of what someone else told you should do.

Are you willing to risk it, if it changes even one person’s life? For all of our sakes, I truly hope you are.