The number one fear I see holding coaches back

We all have the same fear. But not the same purpose. 

At the root of almost every single issue I coach around, is one single fear. Women get on the phone and speak in hushed, anxious voices. They whisper as if if they speak too loud enough, the fear will somehow come and get them.

That they are not good enough to have what they want.

This fear is insidious, and it's toxic.

Every woman I have ever coached has some version of this story. I’m not good enough to be a coach, I’m not good enough to share my voice, I’m not good enough to put myself out there. There are other people doing it better, so why bother?

I will never forget the first time I discovered this fear for myself. I was in my therapist’s office and I sobbed and sobbed, because it felt TRUE. It felt like I had uncovered some deep, dark, desperate secret that I’d never actually even known was there. And it was excruciatingly painful.

But knowledge is the first step towards power. It’s NOT true. And when we treat our fear as a precious commodity to be tiptoed around, instead of a yappy dog that’s really just trying to keep us inside the cage of our comfort zones, everyone loses out.

The important thing isn’t that it’s there, it’s what you do about it. You can choose to listen to your fear, to make choices from your fear, to live by your fear. Or you can choose your freedom.

We all have the same fear, but not the same mission. And we need you to live your mission.

Which one is it going to be?