That time an inspirational video actually made me want to quit...

I still remember sitting in my soulless cubicle in the middle of an office building in downtown Washington, D.C. and watching a video of a successful coach share about how she was totally living her dream life. It made me feel inspired, energized, and totally alive.


I felt frustrated, demoralized, and insecure. The distance between our respective lifestyles felt SO far and I knew that I wanted what she had but I had no idea how to get out of the situation I was in. 

So, I did the only thing I knew how to do - the thing that was in right front of me. I threw myself into my training, hired a 1-1 coach of my own, and committed myself to doing the work.

So often, we compare ourselves to other women (who, by the way, have had their own journeys and hardships and fears) who we think are doing "better" or "further ahead" than us, and we despair that we'll ever "get there." 

The thing is, there is no there. There is only right now, and staying in the present moment and mastering what is right in front of you. Success isn't created by future-tripping, it's by taking small daily actions to get where you want to go. But the thing is, so often we let ourselves get freaked out by the big picture that we don't take any action at all. I know you want more than that, which is why I'm so excited about what I'm sharing today.

One of my very best friends Rebecca Rubin has organized a super-inspiring summit of women who have gone from their day jobs to their dream jobs. I am so honored and grateful to be featured and I share the real and raw, down and dirty details of my journey:

  • From my nervous breakdown (in August 2012!) in the middle of a busy city street
  • How I discovered coaching and what it took for me to finally quit my job
  • Finding the courage to answer the call of my soul and completely re-brand my business last year

As well as some of my secret weapons:

  • The crucial mindset shift that you need once you go full-time (if you don't take this on, it WILL kill your practice)
  • How to build a relationship with your fear so it doesn't cripple you
  • What to do to constantly be growing and pushing your edge

You can get access and find all the goods (as well as interviews from other rockstars like Kimberly Wilson, Katie DePaola, and Kelly Atwood!). 

If you're feeling frustrated, demoralized, or insecure, I want you to hear me: there is no difference between you and me, or you and these women. None. Honestly, re-watching the interview, part of me is thinking, holy crap I can't believe I've gone through all that and I'm still here, doing this. But I refused to give up. And that's why I'm here.

The only person who can stay committed to your dream and keep doing the work is you.