On change and growth in your business.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about shifting your niche. Most of you have heard my Iceland story and about deciding to let health coaching go to focus on leadership coaching. And I’ve noticed that for a lot of women in this community, what you started out with or where you're doing currently in your business may no longer feel in alignment.

This can bring up a LOT of fear - I’ve been there! Fears that people won’t follow us anymore, or that they’ll think we’re “shifty” or “can’t commit,” or that people won’t understand our new focus.

But here’s the thing - if you’re truly doing the inner work that it takes to know yourself, clear your blocks, and find your voice, you’re going to change. And your business is going to change. For the better.

It takes a lot of tenacity, courage, and commitment to keep evolving and keep growing even in the face of fear. Fears of what other people think, of not being good enough, of having nothing important to say, whatever your flavor of it is,

It takes more commitment to evolve than it does to stick to something that’s out of alignment.

Commitment to your truth.
Commitment to the people who need you.
Commitment to serving at the highest level.

Give yourself, and your business, permission to grow.

I'm curious - are you struggling to shift your business or explain a new direction (sometimes even to yourself!)? Are you feeling like what you're currently doing isn't in alignment or like you've outgrown it? If so, spend some time daydreaming - what would you LOVE to be talking about? Then give yourself permission to take one small step towards it. 

Let me know how it goes! I can't wait to hear from you.