Make the first move.

For the first couple months of my business, I expected people to just book Discovery Calls with me left and right. Since I had a website, and was posting sporadically on Facebook, I thought the clients would just come flooding in on their own!



I had to learn how to make the first move. Potential clients are just as nervous about reaching out to you as you are to them. In fact, oftentimes they’re in an even more vulnerable position because it can be challenging to reach out to ask for help.

As coaches, we have to learn how to make the first move when it comes to inviting clients into discovery calls.

I was working with a client recently whose goal is to book two new clients this month. AMAZING! At first, she wanted to spend a lot of time expanding her reach and making new contacts. I pointed out that that was great, but not if her goal is two new clients.

The people most likely to hire you are already in your sphere. The people who know, like, and trust you the most ALREADY KNOW YOU. You don’t need to create a huge list, massive Facebook following, or millions of Instagram likes to get hired.

So, pause for a beat. Take a deep breath. Connect to your center.

Ask yourself - who would you LOVE to work with? Who’s been supportive from the get-go? Who’s said “OMG I need that!” when you told them about your business but it hasn’t gone any further?

Make a list and reach out to those people from a heart-centered place of genuine service and authenticity.

This strategy brought me my first clients and continues to work like a charm - there are only a few spots left in Force of Nature because I’ve proactively reached out to women I would LOVE to work with.

I know it’s scary. But part of being a leader means setting an example, and if you want clients to reach out to you, you also have to get comfortable reaching out to them.

Does reaching out to potential clients make you shake in your boots (or stilettos)? Get a peptalk over in our Facebook group - I can’t wait to see you there!