Make the decision. Everything else will follow.

All it takes is one decision. 

One of the things I wanted most when I started my business was time freedom. I dreamed about the ability to do what I wanted, when and where I wanted to. I had flexibility in my old office job, but I was always worried about being “online” at the right time, and making sure the little green icon next to my name on Instant Messenger was open. I constantly glanced at my boss’s green chat icon, terrified to miss something from her even if I was just in the bathroom or down the hall. It caused me SO MUCH ANXIETY.

I jokingly called it the Eye of Sauron. But it wasn’t really a joke.

I desperately wanted to create a life where I wouldn’t be beholden to anyone else’s schedule, let alone their chat bubble.

A devastating break up, a once-in-a-lifetime decision to quit, and many tears and breakdowns (and breakthroughs!) later, I made it.

Yesterday I was at my parent’s house in Valley Forge, PA and I didn’t start working until 10:30 am. Early that morning I helped my Mom clean and organize the house because I wanted to spend time with her. I didn’t have clients until later in the day, and I knew that everything else was taken care of.

Before, I would have been stressed out and sitting in front of my clunky government-issue laptop by 8 a.m. even if I didn’t have anything time-sensitive to do because I would have been terrified of not being “available.”

All it takes is a decision. And you don’t have to have a nervous breakdown, get fired, or go through a breakup to make it.

You don't have to know how everything is going to work out, who your clients are going to be, or where you're going to get the money. That is the Universe's job. It is your job to decide. 

Decide that your dream is more important than your fear. Decide that you are going to be the one who makes it. Decide that no matter what it takes, you are going to be free. 

I know it sounds cheesy. I know it sounds too easy. But ultimately, nothing - not the community, not the clients, not the cash - can come until you make that decision.

So are you in?  
Or are you out?

If you're in, I'd love to invite you to a free call TONIGHT at 6 pm EST // 3 pm PST, to see if a career in coaching would be right for you. I'm co-leading it with my friend Olivia Chapman, so you know it's going to be good! 

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I believe in you (and I can't wait to see you on the call)!