Still confused as to what, exactly, it is you do as a coach?

Do you feel like no matter what you do, you can’t nail down what it is exactly that you do as a coach? It feels like as soon as you land on one thing, you have another idea or experience or take a training that throws you into a spin - well, maybe it’s not what I thought, maybe it’s something else!

For the first year and a half of my business, I was in a complete coach identity crisis. What do I do? Who do I help? I was so frustrated because I KNEW I could help people, was meant to help people, but I didn’t know who or what specifically I was supposed to help them with. It made me feel awkward and self-conscious when I was forced to talk about myself, and confused the heck out of everyone else.

Ever feel that way? 

So I did something radical. I stopped looking outside for the answer. I stopped watching webinars, doing exercises, and buying trainings. I invested in a coach who helped me discover ME, and MY unique power and voice as a woman. This was so scary to do because it was the most I had ever invested in myself, but it also felt AMAZING because I had finally said yes to myself in a powerful way. Instead of trying to figure it out on my own, and staying stuck, I showed the Universe that I believed my mission was worth investing in.

It made me feel powerful and confident in a way nothing else had before.

Less than a week later, I booked 45 Discovery Calls off of ONE Facebook post. It was so effortless. The clients came flooding in. I cried (this actually isn't that special, I cry pretty much every day!) because I knew that I was finally having the impact that I had been wanting for so long.

I write this to you today to remind you of how powerful you are. The answer is not outside of you. It’s not in comparing your website to other coaches, and it’s definitely not in copying other people’s tactics.

To be the leader you want to be, the leader that you are, you have to go within. You have your own unique message and power to share with the world, and it’s within you. When you believe that, and TAKE ACTION that reflects that, the Universe will mirror that back to you.

Take a minute today to reflect - what brought you to coaching in the first place? What unique experiences have you had? What do you LOVE talking about? Start there, and everything else will fall into place.