The counterintuitive thing to do when it feels your business isn’t working

After I had my oracle card breakthrough, I started doing a lot of things differently.

The biggest one?

Was not basing my goals based on what had happened in the past (in other words, epic failure), but basing them off what I knew in my heart was possible.

You see, your past results have ZERO bearing on your future potential.

Your brain will tell you that they do. That if it’s been this hard in the past, it’s going to keep being hard.

But that’s actually a trick your brain plays that tries to keep you safe.

You get to CHOOSE in each moment, every day what you actually want. This is what it means to live into your divine self. To access all of the possibilities available to you and align your energy with them.

It’s easy to think that if you’re not seeing the results you want in your business, that the answer is to pull back.

Set smaller goals.

Offer a smaller program.

Take a smaller number of clients.

But the truth is, if you’re not seeing the results you want in your business, the answer is not to pull back.

The answer is to go BIGGER.



Ask for MORE.

If you’re fiddling around with $1k courses expecting to grow a six figure business, the truth is you’re going to be fiddling for a long ass time.

After I had that call with my old coach, I set some pretty huge goals for 2016, which included tripling my rates.

I went from charging $2200 for a six month program to $6000 for a six month program.

At the time, that number felt totally crazy. It also felt 100% aligned to me, the work I actually wanted to be doing, and the value that I was bringing to my clients.

I started showing up differently because of it. I showed up differently online, at my workshops, and on my sales calls.

After I set that new rate, I got hired three times in a week and went on to fill that program.

I couldn’t have done it without personalized support from a master coach.

Because when you decide to go big or go home like that, all your stuff is going to come up. Even more than it does when you’re sitting in resistance. Because now you’re actually DOING it.

You can’t to transform the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging you by watching another free livestream, commenting on another Facebook post, or continuing to sit on the sidelines.

You have to actually say yes to the scary thing, step into the fire, and get after it.

Because, as cliche as it is, everything you want truly is on the other side of your fear.

My brand-new, nine-month personalized immersion experience, Wealth Alchemy, is designed to support you in doing just that.

If you’re tired of hiding out, of sticking to what’s comfortable even though it’s not working -

This is for you.

Your expertise, insight, and wisdom needs to be in the hands of the people who desperately need to hear from YOU. And they don’t need your surface-level program, either.

They need you to dig deep, and mine the gold that’s sitting in your heart in order to share it and hold the space for transformation

But you have to go first

And the first step is saying yes to doing the work for yourself.

If you’re ready, email me here and I’ll send you more details and the application.

How one oracle card changed the direction of my business

In January 2016, I had my first coaching call with a soul strategy coach I had just hired. As you know by now, I spent most of 2015 spinning my wheels, taking all the online trainings and following all the build-your-business templates. And all I had to show for it was a pile of credit card debt and a undeniable knowing that I had to start doing things differently.

I was excited and nervous, but instantly knew I had done the right thing when she started our call by doing a card reading for me.

One of the cards had a peacock feather.

She explained to me that the peacock is a symbol of transmutation, and that they are the only animals that can eat poison and not die.

That in fact, it's the very act of processing the poison within their bodies that gives their feathers such beautiful colors.

They take their pain, she said, and turn it into beauty.

I knew then that that was exactly what I had to do with my business.

I had to take my so-called weaknesses and turn them into my most potent gifts.

I had to take my deepest fears, and turn them into unstoppable empowerment.

I had to take my most soul-bending breakthroughs, and turn them into medicine for my people.

The past few years have been a process of precisely that. As I got more braver and more authentic in my message and my work, I started to build a business that felt good to ME, not what everyone else told me I should be doing. Not surprisingly, my clients started having better results. My revenue increased exponentially. I have zero fear (okay, maybe 2% fear) around being out in the world as an intuitive, spiritual woman who claims her work and her worth.

I know now that I had to have that early, messy experience.

That none of those initial trainings worked for me because I had to learn how lead the way. And that the shift we're seeing in the industry is towards exactly that. The need to claim our true gifts. The need to get brave and move away from the checklists and the scripts and into grounded truth and sovereignty.

And we do that through alchemizing our deepest fears and struggles and turning them into our greatest purpose.

This is how we build businesses that are reflections of our unique soul blueprints and what's needed most in the world, not what we think will work or what we think people want to hear from us.

This is how we get embodied in our value, and easily enroll programs at $5k, $10k and up.

This is how we learn how to become the women who can receive and hold all the love, joy, wealth, and magic that is available to us, without self-sabotage, doubt, or fear.

If this resonates for you, I’m so excited to announce a new opportunity to partner with me for the rest of 2018 and into 2019. We’ll take your deepest challenges and struggles and turn them into your most potent medicine for the collective, establish you as one of the heart-centered, high-integrity leaders of the new paradigm, and upgrade your wealth frequency so you can command rates that reflect the level of your contribution and impact in the world.

There’s no obligation to buy if you apply, we’ll just jump on the phone and have a soul-to-soul conversation.

Email for more details and I’ll send you the application at

When you want to be doing the deeper work…

It’s undeniable that we’re seeing a shift in the coaching and transformation space right now. The old ways are just not cutting it, and we are all being called into deeper levels of authenticity, integrity, and truth. I truly believe that every single one of you in this community is here to do great work in order to to shift the paradigm and to heal the collective. This also means that the old ways that you’ve been doing things aren’t working anymore.

If you’re feeling this shift too, it may be showing up in the following ways :

  • It feels like your marketing is falling flat, or your clients are engaging but not investing, and you don’t know where the disconnect it
  • You’ve hit an income plateau, and even though you know breaking through it is not about hustling, you can’t seem to help but default to that mentality.
  • The work you’ve been doing up until doesn’t feel 100% aligned, and you want to be doing deeper work with your clients

Here’s the thing -

Your breakthrough to the next level, whatever that looks like for you...

Isn’t about marketing

Isn’t about hustling

Isn’t even about the work you’ve been doing in the past.

It’s about what wants to come through NOW.

It’s about who you want to be NOW.

It’s about what your soul is calling you to, NOW.

So, when you really tap in, what is it you really want to be talking about? What is it you really want to be coaching, teaching, healing around? What is it that you really want to be a stand for in the world?

I know from personal experience how scary this can be. When I first started as a health coach I thought I had to talk about kale smoothies in order to sign clients, when really all I wanted to ask about was my client’s feelings.

It was awkward, to say the least.

I got a lot of, “what in the world does being angry at my mother have to do with creating a meal plan?”

The answer was, of course, EVERYTHING.

I knew that their fears and limiting beliefs had everything to do with how my clients were eating. I just didn’t have the courage to stand for that in my marketing and in my coaching.

Well, now I have the courage. Obviously, lol.

Because I am so, 100% rock solid the fact that our identity and beliefs inform our behavior, and no sustainable change - let alone any kind of magic or alchemy - happens without starting there.

But it took me letting go of what wasn’t working, and getting brave in order to step into what I knew in my heart would work. The deep stuff.

I want the same for you.

Because if you have a desire, a calling, a knowing that you’re meant to be doing deep, impactful, transformative work in the world - not just dancing around the surface of it - the work you want to do is the work meant for you.

So, how do we start to do this?

  1. Get supported. If you could have done it by yourself you would have done it by now. This is not to shame or blame, it’s just a fact. As witchy women especially, if you have fears of visibility or charging for your work it’s very hard to try to move through them by yourself. Having someone in your corner who’s done it, who knows the ropes, and who can hold space for you to step into your greatness is literally invaluable.

  2. Get honest. BE HONEST about what you really want, what you really want to be saying, how you really want to be working. Be honest about how awesome you are, how impactful your message is, and how life-changing the work you do is. Most of us spend a lot of time dimming our light. But what is more magnetizing, a dim lightbulb or a freaking lighthouse?! It’s time to be the lighthouse, and that starts with radical honesty.

  3. Get brave. Claiming the deep work for yourself means that you, yourself have to be doing the deep work and that requires bravery. Every single time I uplevel the dynamics in my life change. It takes a lot of courage to keep evolving, and yet I know it’s the way to having the most impact. So, who do you need to have a conversation with? What dynamic needs to change? What updates do you have to make to your website? What do you have to post on social media?

    What are you going to do and by when? Declare it, calendar it, fulfill on it.

And as always, reply to this email and let me know your action step!

I believe in you,


Five steps to taking your power back

Five steps to taking your power back

So, you got triggered. Whether it was by a tough client, something your partner said, or Mercury was in retrograde, something caused you to start to spin out.

First, breathe. The truth is that we all get triggered all the time. Especially when you’re a coach, teacher, or healer and you’ve chosen to do transformational work, triggers and growth are part of the process. Celebrate it! It means a breakthrough is available for you.

That said, we can start to shorten the cycle of how triggered you get by a certain person or situation.

Five counterintuitive manifesting tricks

Google hit me recently with one of those "rediscover this day" reminders. On this particular day three years ago I was on what was supposed to be a really fun ski trip with my family. 

All I remember from that trip is the intense money shame and anxiety I was feeling. 

I was about five months full-time into my business, had no money coming in, and was totally freaked out about what I was going to do.

I didn't feel like I could talk to anyone or tell them what was going on, because I felt like a complete failure. 

I was basically living off my credit cards, and was terrified to check the balances because I knew I wasn't going to be able to pay them off.

I was trying to do all the things - budget the money I didn't have, spend less than the shoestring I was already trying to keep myself on, market the business that didn't feel aligned and scared the crap out of me. 

It took another five months for things to get bad enough to force me to try something that - at the time - felt so radical and different it was almost silly.

Money mindset work.

I realized that none of the conventional advice I was hearing - track my spending, create categories for my expenses, market my business in order to make more sales, etc., was going to work unless I dealt with the deep existential money fear and anxiety that was ever-present in my life. 

Unless I dealt with the emotional, spiritual, and psychological aspects of money I knew nothing else was going to work. 

Because ultimately, it's not actually about money. Money is a portal and a mirror for all the other limiting beliefs, fears, self-doubt, and other bullshit that we unconsciously carry that keeps us small. 

So, I surrendered. I let myself look "silly." I got extra woo, practicing visualization, EFT tapping, and checks from the Universe. I committed to a daily routine to keep myself high-vibe. I made my mindset my absolute number one priority over anything else.

Some of it worked. Some of it didn't. 

But it worked enough that today, I've paid off my debt, created a successful business, and most importantly, have a thriving relationship with money that carries over into all other areas of my life. 

There is a lot of spiritual misinformation and bypassing that goes into this conversation, and I'm committed to radical transparency around my experience and what I've discovered ACTUALLY works.

Here's the top counterintuitive five things I've learned that work every time:

1. Feel your feelings.

Yes, even the bad ones. Yes, even the ones that you're worried are projecting "negativity" into the world. Feelings buried alive never die, they just go underground into your subconscious where they mess with your manifestations in the real world. So do what you need to do to feel it all in order to clear it and call in more positive feelings.

2. Celebrate your messes.

The money mistakes, mess-ups, totally fucked up situations that may be in your past (or present)? They're all showing you the way home, highlighting the places you have room to grow, and the limiting stories that you have that are ready to get healed. Think about it - without those situations, you wouldn't be inspired to heal your money stuff, right?? Right. So thank them.

3. Practice active appreciation.

This is different from gratitude, which can feel empty and hollow when we're deep in our stuff. Practicing active appreciation puts you back in the drivers seat by meeting whatever you're appreciating on equal ground. For example, in order to deeply, actively appreciate a cup of coffee I would notice its aroma, it's robust flavor, appreciate how good it tastes and how much it wakes me up. This puts me in a feel-good spiral of appreciating other things around me and pulls me out of a self-pitying funk every time. 

4. Get radically honest.

In every area. About everything. Get honest about what you want, how big your dreams are, how far away you might feel from them, and how afraid you are they may never come to fruition. Oftentimes we deny or bottle up our thoughts because we're afraid, but getting radically honest about all of it frees you up 


Even if it's as small as calling a friend to cry. Even if it's as big as tracking your finances for the past quarter. Take as big or as small of a step as you can, acknowledge yourself, rinse, and repeat. 

I believe in you,