Hey there witchy woman,

You're here because you are feeling the call in your soul that can no longer be denied. 

You know you're ready to fully step into sharing your magic with the world, and make money with your healing, coaching, or spiritual gifts. 

You want to be part of the new paradigm of women who magnetize true wealth by sharing their true self. 

But something is holding you back.

Fears like:

  • Can I actually make money doing this work?
  • Will anyone even listen to me?
  • What do I really have to offer?
  • What will my family think?
  • What if I fail?? PUBLICLY?!

I've got you sister. Because I have been there. 


Natalie is a kickass goddess of mESSAGE mastery.

Natalie got me out of my fear around writing and committed to completing a  challenge to write my truth and share it online. I’d been struggling for months to get visible online, and Natalie gave me the (super loving) kick in the butt to actually DO it. She’s freaking incredible!!! 

- Cait Ryan, Pleasure + Embodiment Coach



Through the work in the Guidebook, you will:

  • Unlock the truth of who you are and what you're here to do
  • Develop the clarity and confidence you need to share your message online
  • Clear ancestral money stories and heal your relationship with money
  • Break fear-based patterns of self-sabotage that are keeping you stuck, invisible, and broke

So that you can:

  • Authentically and confidently get visible with your healing message
  • Live in your zone of genius and decide how you want to spend your time
  • Become a successful money magnetizer and receive next-level wealth for your unique gifts 
  • Get visible and step into your soul-led role as a leader of the new paradigm

What's Inside:


Unlock Your Magic Guidebook (a $55 value)

Your Magical Self Meditation.png

BONUS: Your Magical Self Meditation

Get in touch with your intuition, meet your most magical self, and learn how to take action with clarity + confidence.

The world needs your magic.

We are waiting for you.