Natural Magic



This feeling you have, that you have a unique message to share and important work to do in the world, is there for a reason.  


It means that you’re being called to lead in the way that only you can. 


You know that you're:

  • Meant to share something amazing with the world, even if you don't yet know what it is
  • Ready to step into greater visibility, even if it terrifies you
  • Willing to use your voice in ways you haven't before, in service of your mission on this planet


It means it’s time to bring forth your own brand of magic into your work and the world.


So, how do you do this?


Well, it’s not about "five steps to 5k."


It’s definitely not about doing what everyone else is doing or what the latest expert tells you to do.


It’s not even about the amount of hours you are putting in, slaving away in front of your laptop.


Deep down you know that.  Because you’ve done all those things already.


It’s time to cast off all of the boxes you keep trying to fit yourself into, the image you’re trying to project, and the fears you have about what other people will think about you.


It is time to connect to the inherent power and truth of what you’re actually here to do.  


No fluff, no B.S., and no doing things just because you think you’re supposed to.  


Just you.


Connected to the powerful force of your heart.


Sharing your own natural magic - the unique gift that is within you and only you.


Have you noticed when you’re out in nature, everything just seems so simple?


In nature we come back to our center, we get grounded in our own knowing and we operate from an intuitive place.


When you come back to your center, life becomes about ease and flow.


Goodbye to hustle, bustle and worrying about how it’s all going to happen.


Hello to clarity, authentic expression & truly unique leadership so that you can reach the people you’re here to serve and build a life that feels like magic.



Together, we'll journey through three levels:

Initiate -> Activate -> Elevate

The program includes:

  • Nine months of 60-minute bi-weekly coaching sessions (18 sessions in all)
  • Monthly teaching calls with relevant, instantly applicable content
  • My personal cell phone number for text message support in between
  • An intimate weekend retreat for Natural Magic participants (A $3,000 value)
  • Access to my signature course, Living Magic (a $997 value)

How do you know if Natural Magic is right for you?

  • You've been spinning your wheels in your business for months (or even years!), unclear on your niche or how you serve
  • You're afraid of "pulling the trigger" of launching your website, writing that blog post, or coming out as a coach to your friends and family
  • You're ready to uplevel or shift your message, but are terrified of alienating your audience or being seen as too "out there"
  • You want to share your writing, healing, or coaching services in a way that feels authentic and grounded, not desperate or salesy
  • Your devotion is greater than your fear - you're finally ready to stop hiding and step out as the leader you're meant to be

Are you ready to feel the joy of waking up every morning KNOWING in your bones that you're serving how you're meant to serve?

New clients are taken by application only. You are under no obligation to join if you apply. If we're a good fit, I'll be in touch within 24 hours to schedule an exploratory call. Thanks!