Wealthy witch presents:

Message Magic

Live your message. Change the world.

A twelve-week group experience for coaches, healers and entrepreneurs who want to beat fear and self-doubt, put themselves out there and change the world with their message.

You know that coach or entrepreneur who just seems so CONFIDENT?

She’s grounded, secure in who she is and what she’s here to do, she has her message totally dialed in, and every time you see her posts in your newsfeed you find yourself nodding your head.

She’s putting herself out there, sharing her message, and signing clients.

Sometimes, even if you don’t want to admit it, a twinge of jealousy or comparison-itis comes in - what does she have that I don’t have? I can totally do that! Why am I not putting myself out there like her?!

And for a second, you feel like TODAY is the day. You’re ready to come out of your shell and share your work with the world.

But then you get distracted, overwhelmed, or scared, and your magical message stays in your heart another day. Or month. Or year.

Guess what?


  • You KNOW you’re here for a purpose, that you want to have an impact, and that you want to help people. The trouble is, you don’t know exactly how to articulate it, or if anyone would even take you seriously.

  • You take training after training, thinking you need more expertise or more information, when really deep down you know you're ready to take action.

  • You have taken the leap to start your own business or get certified as a coach, healer, or trainer, but you haven’t actually done anything with it yet, let alone signed a client.

  • You keep yourself busy with worksheets and templates, looking for that single business secret that will finally give you the confidence you need to *just do it* (hint: that worksheet doesn’t exist!).

  • You know you need to put yourself out there and get visible on social media but you’re terrified of what people will think of you or of being judged, rejected, and humiliated.

You also are feeling the call so strongly that a piece of your soul might die if you don’t move through the fear.

So are you ready to stop hiding out, live your message, and reach the people who need you?

I know this about you because I've been there.

My name is Natalie Ann Taggart and I'm the founder of the Wealthy Witch. I’ve helped hundreds of spiritual coaches, healers, creatives, and entrepreneurs overcome fear and self-doubt, put themselves out there with confidence, and FINALLY make money with their message.

Just a few shorts years ago I was hiding out in my tiny studio apartment, terrified of talking about myself or my work while simultaneously wondering where all my clients were?! I was following all the checklists, filling out all the templates, praying that it would lead me to entrepreneurial success, when really, deep inside, I was terrified. 

Untitled design (1).png

I wanted to talk about "woo," "out there," subjects like the Divine Feminine, manifesting with the Universe, following your intuition and finding joy in the every day. But I was terrified of what people would think of me, so I hid my magic for months on end. 

It took a major leap of faith to overcome my fear and finally start putting my authentic message out into the world, but once I did, magical things started happening including:

  • a sold-out coaching practice
  • a thriving online community
  • a life I truly love and wouldn't trade for anything

And now I've distilled everything I know into one twelve-week experience.

message MAGIC WILL HELP YOU get clear on your message and share it with the world in the way you know you're meant to

Because the world needs what you have the say, in the way only you can say it.

Your people need you to put yourself out there, so they can find you.

I believe that you wouldn't have a desire in your heart if it weren't possible for you to create it.

The very fact that you're here means that you believe it too.

Ready to get started?


  • Ten in-depth teaching modules that will take you deep into the heart of your message and transform you into a kickass, confident coach who KNOWS she has something important to share and ZERO problem putting it out there

  • Twelve weekly 90-minute group coaching calls with me (all recorded with lifetime access)

  • A private Facebook group for cheerleading and emotional support

  • Mindset Magic, my signature manifesting course that will turbo-charge your positive results

  • A FREE ticket to Wealthy Witch Live, my invitation-only live event in Los Angeles (July 2018)

  • The confidence, clarity, and peace of mind that comes from KNOWING you're fulfilling your divine purpose on this planet. 


Module One

Vision :: Get clear on your authentic vision for yourself, your business, and for the world

Module Two

Identity :: Clearly articulate who you are and what you stand for so that ideal clients feel like they know you and can't wait to invest

Module Three

Visibility :: Move through your visibility blocks and learn that it’s safe to be seen + make money for who you are

Module Four

Bulletproof :: Conquer fear of judgement, rejection, and ridicule to actually reach the people who need you

Module Five

Platform ::  Build your home base and authentically connect with ideal clients to create an engaged tribe of raving fans

Module Six

Content :: Learn how to structure and systematize "putting yourself out there" so you always know what to say, how to say it, and where to post it

Module Seven

Impact :: Create a powerful offer that reflects your soul's purpose in the world while providing real value and changing your clients lives

Module Eight

Sales :: Learn how to inspire a "yes!" in a way that feels amazing to you and empowering to your ideal client

Module Nine

Receiving :: Open to the flow of abundance and relax into your role as leader, entrepreneur, and change agent

Module Ten

Uplevel :: Learn how to upgrade your life and business with ease and stop the cycle of self-sabotage. 


Kelly Curtis

Intuitive Coach, Founder: Intuitionship

When I came to Natalie I had been coached on my message for nearly a year, so secretly I was wondering if a breakthrough was even possible. Natalie coached me into oblivion and I was able to shine a whole new light on an area that I'd been feeling so stuck on. I now have SO MUCH clarity! Her insight, easiness, and supportive vibe allowed me to open myself up to a new lens on an old story. Thanks!

Maura Hughes

Marketing Coach + Consultant

Because of working with Natalie I started to see the ways I was holding myself back and learned how to stop doing that. In return, I've become more confident, more calm, and found more joy in every day life. My business is growing, I'm stronger in my relationships, I'm fiercer in stepping into my own power and honestly, I'm having more fun. 

There are a lot of faux coaches out there but Natalie is the real deal. She helps you tap into your strength, your soul, your energy, and your magic. 



Frequently Asked Questions

+ When does the program start and what time are the calls?

Message Magic starts Monday, May 7th 2018 and will run for 12 consecutive weeks (ten modules, plus two integration weeks).

All calls will be on Fridays from 1 - 2:30 pm PST.

The magic happens on the live calls so please do your best to be there. That said, I know life happens and they will be recorded so don't worry if you can't make it or miss a week.

+ I'm just starting out. Shouldn't I focus on business skills?

I thought the exact same thing and I spun my wheels for MONTHS in fear and self-doubt.

Here's the honest truth: knowing the practical skills will do nothing for you if you're holding yourself back. The reason I'm so passionate about this course is that we do the inner work to find your unique confidence and clarity that most business courses don't.

When you have that confidence and clarity, everything else (creating content, putting yourself out there, signing clients) becomes 1000% easier.

+ Do you offer refunds?

Yes, I'm offering a 30 day money-back guarantee. I know that if you do the work for 30 days, you will see insane shifts and value from this work.

That said, if you still want out after 30 days you will get your money back no questions asked.

+ I've invested in other courses but I'm still struggling. Will this work?

I have SO been there! If your inner chatter is something like, "I can't possible invest in another training," "I should focus on what I have," or "Can I really commit?" I want you to STOP. And BREATHE. Check in with yourself.

Message Magic is an incredibly powerful container and a wonderful gift to yourself and the people you're here to help.

You know if this is for you. Is it scary? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

+ I'm not a coach or an entrepreneur. Is this for me?

Anyone who feels like they are here for a bigger purpose other than the one they're living can benefit from this course. If you're feeling stuck, inunspired, and unmotivated in your current business or job, Message Magic can definitely help you!

+ Where do I sign up?!?

I'm so glad you asked. Right here.

Ready to make your magic?

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