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If you’re here, you’re passionate about helping as many people as you can with your spiritual gifts and divinely guided mission. 

You have a soul-driven business and visions of time freedom, location independence, and more clients than you know what to do with. 

You feel it. You’re ready.

There’s just one tiny problem –

You’re scared.

Scared of asking for money.

Scared of putting yourself out there.

Scared that maybe this whole “business thing” might fail, and then what?

The gap between what you know is possible and what you’re experiencing in your reality seems insurmountable. 

And yet, you KNOW it’s possible. 

And I know it’s possible too.

Because I’ve done it. 

A few years ago, I quit my soul-crushing corporate job to pursue my soul-driven coaching business. 

There was just one tiny problem –

I was terrified of money. 


Terrified of asking for it. Terrified of charging it. Terrified of even looking at my bank balance because I knew it would be less than I needed.

And so I brought in no clients. And made no money. 

Within the first year of my business, I created $42,000 of credit card debt. I only know how much it was because I was forced to add it all up when I couldn’t make the minimum payments or take out any more credit.

I will never forget the day I sat at my tiny desk in my tiny studio apartment, and one by one added up all the balances.

When I was done I cried and cried and cried. 

I allowed myself to feel everything. The pain. The guilt. The ohmygoddess how am I going to get out of this? The shame of realizing that against all my better judgment, I had created this mess for myself.

And when I was done feeling, I experienced a revelation.

That if I was going to follow my soul’s purpose in this business and make a living doing what I loved,

I was going to have to figure out my money stuff.

I also knew that I couldn’t go about it the conventional way. I knew – intellectually – how to budget. I knew - in theory - how to “manage money.” That hadn’t helped me. 

I was going to have to heal the emotional, spiritual, psychological components behind money that were keeping me so stuck and so broke. 

So I got busy.

I started reading every single book I could about the Law of Attraction, manifesting, quantum physics, the Divine Feminine, and how women approach money (because, news flash – it’s different than men)!

Even though I could barely afford my rent, I invested $20,000 in a money mindset coach to help me heal my limiting money stories. 

I set up a morning manifesting practice and did it religiously every single day. 

I got over my fear of what people would think of me and started getting visible in my business, connecting with ideal clients, and actually generating some cash flow. 

And gradually, things started to shift. 


But they did start to shift.

Within a year, I had replaced my corporate income with business income.

Within two years, I had paid off all my debt.

And now, at the three-year mark,

I can confidently say that everything that I saw in my vision all those years ago has finally come to fruition.  

I did not do this by hustling, working longer hours, or whatever else the conventional business wisdom du jour might be.

I did this by leveraging my natural sensitivity, empathy, energetic attunement, and witchy intuition to create a new money story.

One in which:

  • If you’re sensitive, you actually are a natural money magnet
  • If you’re empathetic, you have an innate gift for creating a thriving healing and coaching business 
  • If you’re creative, you were born to create a new paradigm of wealth.

Bottom line: you have a natural magic within you that you’re here to give to the world.

I’m here to help you create, share, and sell it like the Wealthy Witch you are. 

Through free trainings, resources, and online courses like Wealthy Witch Academy, this site is your new home base for learning how to leverage your witchy gifts into a thriving business that you love.

Ready to join us? Start by grabbing your free Wealthy Witch Client Attraction guide here.

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Thanks for being here. Let’s make some magic.